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The Sulker

“I’ve never been able to tell you my deepest secrets, even though I`ve known you for so long.” She said, looking at him from across the table as he sipped his soup. “And why is that?” He replied, looking up … Continue reading

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~What does love mean?

“What does love mean to you?” Lin sat on the bench in Glanades park beside her niece, sipping tea from her thermos. The children in front of them were swinging from monkey bars, playing ice-man or going down slides. Her … Continue reading

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~A popular writer.

Daily Prompt – Futures Past. Her dream was to become a writer and she wrote about all that was around her about the chef, her neighbours and the friendly baker but never anything too personal- no, never! ~~~~~~ Instead, she told … Continue reading

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~A mothers work is never done.

~This is going to be my first time taking part is this flash fiction challenge. Challenge and rules here. “Hey boys, how ’bout y’all makin’ yer Ma some wind chimes?” Mike and Mika were playing with ropes and tin cans, using … Continue reading

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~What are the ingredients that make us humans?

Daily Prompt – Ingredients. What are the ingredients that make a human? Flesh, blood, bones and wants. ~~ I want to be famous I want to be rich I want to be everything I once told my self not to be … Continue reading

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~Nothing in life is free.

Daily Prompt – Dear Leader! “Here, have one!” “Um, thanks.” I smiled back at the cheerful girl who was handing out free bags with the word Wundertuete on them. Leit stood beside me, a bag already in its hands. “I … Continue reading

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