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Love is your Culture

  For Happiness and Love go hand in hand So you are my Happiness until time ends You’ve told so many that you can’t Love But maybe all you do is Love Is why you can’t see a difference You … Continue reading

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~What is time to a butterfly?

What is time to a butterfly? Something broken- no, wait. Nothing. Just a word uttered, with no meaning. Everyone’s chasing it, but it was never running- just ticking. ~~~~~~ I’ll wait for you for years if I must for time … Continue reading

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~Insecure Writer`s Support Group.

~Insecure Writer’s Support Group(TWSG) is a group I joined on Facebook a few months back, but this is the first time I’m taking part in posting a blog post on the first Wednesday of the month ūüėÄ ~I was insecure … Continue reading

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~History`s memories.

Daily Prompt – Memory on the menu. What is history? If not fragments of combined human memories. ~~~~~~ What is truth¬†and what are lies, when no two¬†souls see the same history? ~~~~~~ ~10/7/15 started studying for exams. Not seriously enough. … Continue reading

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~A popular writer.

Daily Prompt – Futures Past. Her dream was to become a writer and she wrote about all that was¬†around her about the chef, her neighbours and the friendly baker but never anything too personal- no, never! ~~~~~~ Instead, she told … Continue reading

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~I need more time!

~Day 2 of the¬†03 days 03 quotes¬†challenge. I chose this quote cause I just began reading the book The Tike Keeper by Mitch Albom. I read The five people you meet in Heaven a few years back, and really enjoyed … Continue reading

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