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Scent of you

Daily prompt– Scent. It was seven in the morning. Lance`s eyes were still shut and his alarm was disabled, but he could tell that it was seven because everyday at seven sharp, the scent of pancakes would waft into the bedroom. He … Continue reading

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Faded words

“The sad part is that you get used to the good things too~ You`re always searching for something new~ Being bored and longing for change, doesn`t it scare you that tomorrow, ‘You’ might just not be ‘You’?~” Arthi`s red bareback gown … Continue reading

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The Sulker

“I’ve never been able to tell you my deepest secrets, even though I`ve known you for so long.” She said, looking at him from across the table as he sipped his soup. “And why is that?” He replied, looking up … Continue reading

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“I’m a Storyteller!” “And that’s another name for a liar.” Beelzebub replied. “Depends on how you see it. I’m gonna save the world!” “That’s what all humans say.” “But I’ve got plans. I’m gonna write the best book and all … Continue reading

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LL – How did we become friends?

Literary Lion. “How did we become friends?” Lina looked up from her computer and thought, before replying: “I really dunno. Maybe it was cause we shared similar interests?” “Nope, it was cause you needed ice. I remember when I first … Continue reading

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~The only bench in the park.

Finish the story begins with: She lived a life that some would describe as being on edge. But she didn’t fear Death- in fact, she knew her. She had met Death during Halloween. Death was sitting on the only bench in the … Continue reading

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