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Fake it till you make it

Daily prompt– Resist Fake it till you make it “Don`t resist it- just accept it! If people are going to use makeup to mask their flaws, why not filters and photo editors as well?” “Because it’s fake!” “And who are … Continue reading

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Daily prompt – S/he Said. Me : Was denkst du gerade? (what are you thinking about right now?) Andrej looks out of the window at the strong winds and dark sky. Andrej : Ueber Regen. Und wie heiss ist es! … Continue reading

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~Remember floppy discs?

Daily Prompt – Going Obsolete. The square floppy disk was purple. I stared at it, remembering the time when my dad and aunt used to keep all their information in these huge, flat, multi-coloured, discs. They had boxes filled with … Continue reading

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~Did Jon Snow really die?

GoT Spoilers!! ~Yesterday night, I watched the last episode of Season 3 of Game of Thrones, and flipped all tables! I think almost every character I liked just died in an episode. I`m not sure if Arya and Sansa are … Continue reading

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~Nothing in life is free.

Daily Prompt – Dear Leader! “Here, have one!” “Um, thanks.” I smiled back at the cheerful girl who was handing out free bags with the word Wundertuete on them. Leit stood beside me, a bag already in its hands. “I … Continue reading

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~Tick-tock; Time never stops.

~People walk by  Everyday in our lives– I hate being shy, It stops me from saying “Hi”~ ~I`m gonna start scheduling my posts from now onward! I`ve decided to make Mondays and Wednesdays photography days 😀 On these two days, I`ll … Continue reading

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