~Pink Optimist

WPC – Optimistic

They woke me up at 5.45am

To watch the sunrise in a park nearby

Sadly, the clouds were thick and the sun hid

But I was glad I joined them none the less.


#throwback 18/1/16 at End Point, Manipal

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We`re circles


~Weekly photo challenge– when we went to Hanging Bridge on Christmas day 25/12/2015 🙂 Happie New Year all!! ❤


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Us Three

WPC – Trio.

~This Photograph was taken in 2012 by my dad of me and my two adorable younger siblings. We were climbing up a hill to the hill-top temple in Penang. Their expressions here make me smile 🙂 And now that I`m in India, looking back at this photo really makes me miss them.


~Smile for the camera, not laugh!


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~WPC Victory

~Weekly Photo Challenge : Victory.

~mbbs mmmc

~mbbs mmmc

We didn`t win, but we sure had fun! 🙂 Organized by Batch 35 for Batch 37, thankies!! 14/11/15

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“I’m a Storyteller!”

“And that’s another name for a liar.” Beelzebub replied.

“Depends on how you see it. I’m gonna save the world!”

“That’s what all humans say.”

“But I’ve got plans. I’m gonna write the best book and all the money I earn from it, I’ll donate! Won’t that be enough to save the world from poverty?”

“Funny, isn’t it? How this amount of money already exists in the world, yet poverty persists?”

“People can be greedy.”

“People are who you wish to save. Why save someone you don`t know?”

“Just… because.” The kid replied with a toothless smile.


Words : 101
Story elements : Beelzebub and man v man (in argument)

So, I discovered Flash Friday and decided to take part in it cause I`m too tired to do anything else 🙂

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LL – How did we become friends?

Literary Lion.

“How did we become friends?”

Lina looked up from her computer and thought, before replying: “I really dunno. Maybe it was cause we shared similar interests?”

“Nope, it was cause you needed ice. I remember when I first moved into Block A. I knew no one, but you knew everyone. And out of everyone, you decided to knock my door to ask for ice.”

Lin laughed. “Oya! Your room was right opposite of mine!”

“Yeah, but you didn’t even know me.”

“And that’s how I got to know you. Everyone’s a stranger at first.”

Salia smiled. “I’m glad you knocked my door. You’re so different from what I imagined.”

Lin raised an eyebrow. “And how did you imagine me to be?”

“Well, snobby and lazy. You went clubbing all the time and wore so much make-up. I thought you were one of those stuck up girls, you know?”

“No, I don`t.” Lin replied, sticking out her tongue. “But I kinda do give out that aura. I thought you were those study-till-I-die kinda people.”

Salia got up from the bed and walked behind Lin’s chair, resting her hands on Lin’s shoulders.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Studying Biochem.”

“Distinction student.” Salia teased as her eyes registered the formulas on the screen in front of her.

“I don`t think anything`s planned.” Lin said. “People just become friends if they click. You can see a person for everyday in your life and not know a thing about them, or meet a person for just a few hours, and become closer than you were with anyone in your life. I know many people- they’re my acquaintances. But only a handful are precious. It’s how much we are able to talk to a person. To share with them and not feel weird. And to appreciate the silence shared without feeling uneasy. That’s how I think we became friends- we clicked.”

Salia buried her face in Lin`s hair. “You know, I count the hours until I get to talk to you again during class. I wait the whole day just to talk to you. You keep me going.”

Lin entangled her fingers in Salia’s. “You’re not precious. You’re irreplaceable.”

“Please, don’t die, kay? Cause I know I`ll never find another like you.”

“I don`t make promises I can`t keep. But hey, maybe I`ll need ice again, and in a different time in a different place, again we`ll meet.”

400 Words.


I know I have a Physiology test tomorrow and I know I have to study, but I don`t want to become just a book-zombie. And I havn`t done Literary Lion in awhile, and I liked the topic(ice-ice-baby) 🙂 12/11/2015

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