You`re my panacea

Daily Prompt: Panacea

“Writing in that diary of yours again?”
Blue turned around to see Red looking down at him from behind.
“Yes.” Blue replied, turning back to continue his writing.
“Don’t you loose motivation in writing what you do everyday? I mean, isn’t it boring? Don’t you just outgrow and move on from it?”
Blue shook his head as his hand formed words in his native language- a language Red had little knowledge of.
Red sat beside him on the carpet of their bedroom floor. “You know, you’re the only one I know who’s been keeping diaries ever since primary school, and hasn’t given up on it. It was a trend back then, remember? But the trend died and slowly, everyone stopped keeping track of everything they did, day for day.”
Blue turned to Red, then said: “Writing is my panacea. I do this…. To let me reflect on everyday. To remind me of what I’ve done, and whom I’ve met. And if I don’t do this, I’ll slowly feel like I’m losing grip of my life- losing my control over it.”
“So… it gives you a feeling of control over the uncontrollable?”
Blue nodded his head as he began writing again. “Yes, sort of. If I miss writing for a few days, I start panicking. I begin feeling that I’m loosing track of my days and what I’ve been doing. I’d feel like I’m just moving through life in a dream- just drifting through, without a checkpoint. That’s why, at nights, I write. To anchor the whole day down, and to give it a sort of checkpoint. To not just live without reflecting on the things I’ve done.”
“Hmm, that sounds interesting, actually.” Red replied, closing the gap between him and Blue, then resting his head on Blue’s shoulder, watching him write.
“You should try it with me.” Blue then said.
“I had a diary, back in Primary school when everyone else had one, remember?”
“That cute one with a lock?”
“Yeah. But… I don’t think I need one. After all, I’m just drifting through this life. And I don’t see the purpose in keeping track of something that ultimately ends with no ending. Eventually, I’ll die. And all this writing would be for waste- it too, will perish, as time moves. And no ones going to want to read my life anyway, probably not even me.”
“Don’t do it for the world- do it for you. If it makes you happy, no matter how useless or time consuming it may seem, just do it.”
Red chuckled. “Yeah, maybe you’re true. But I don’t think keeping a written diary would bring me joy, because my diary is a person.” Blue raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”
Red lifted his head from Blue’s shoulder before turning to face Blue, causing their noses to almost touch, before grinning. “You- you’re my diary- you’re what keeps me anchored to life and what brings me joy- you’re my panacea.”
Blue’s face turned bright red.
“Idiot.” He whispered, hitting the back of Red’s head, then immediately rubbing it when Red went “Ow!” As things settled down, Blue continued his writing and Red continued resting his head on Blue, watching the pen dance on paper. And Blue thought, for a second, that wasn’t Red bored? How could he just waste time by watching Blue write, without doing anything himself? Then, he concluded that it must not wasting time, because Red probably enjoys it.
“That’s it, isn’t it? That’s love?”
“Huh?” Red whispered.
“Wasting time together- but never considering anything a waste if it`s done with the other. That’s love?”
Red yawned, snuggling his head on Blue’s shoulder. “Love’s a spectrum of definitions and meanings, and too complicated for me to ponder on- but If you want it to be, then why not?”
Blue hummed to himself. “Then, why not.”



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2 Responses to You`re my panacea

  1. barbaragoss says:

    I like this post…I have just started journaling again after suffering a major loss 18 months ago. It is like coming home again to an old friend, me. I can’t believe mine is your first comment. Your writing is very good and I want to read more of your work.

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