Are we who we are?

“Do we grow into our skins or do our skins grow into us?” Red asked.
Blue raised his eyebrow. “How high are you?”
“You know I don’t do weed.” Red replied.
“Must be the full moon, then.”
“No, I’m serious. If I met the person I was when I was 4 years younger, we’d be nothing alike. I’d probably want to punch that person, really.”
“Yeah, same here.”
“What I’m trying to say is, I’m not the me I was 4 years ago. So am I really the me now? Who am I, then, if I keep changing? If there were parallel universes, and I existed in them as well, would that really be me? I read that every choice we don’t take, our parallel universe self takes, but how can that be me, when the choices I make is what defines me? If that choice wasn’t mine, it can’t be me anymore, can it?”
Blue shrugged. “Maybe the people around us are the choices we didn’t make. Maybe they are our alternate self’s, making the decisions we didn’t make in this body. And collectively, we’re all the same person, but the same person that began at a different start point and made a different choice and took a different route.”
“And in the end, we all join again, sharing the same fate.”
Blue smiled, and Red giggled.
“We don’t need drugs to sound high, do we?”
Blue shook his head, grinning. “All we need is each other.”

Prompt: Launch. I based this on if we were the same person we once were when we were created(‘launched’)



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