Fake it till you make it

Daily prompt– Resist

Fake it till you make it

“Don`t resist it- just accept it! If people are going to use makeup to mask their flaws, why not filters and photo editors as well?”

“Because it’s fake!”

“And who are we to say what’s fake and what’s real when everything’s a copy of a copy and every atom that everything is made from is different?”


“But, it’s like lying to yourself, isn’t it? Editing something to look more like an ideal than your actual self?”

“So? If you have the choice to live in a world that’s your Ideal vs this one, wouldn’t you choose your Ideal world? But, isn’t your ideal just a lie since it doesn’t exist? Or a fake remodeling of this world that already exists? Yet, the thought of living in it makes you happy, doesn’t it? And so you spend hours daydreaming about this ideal world of yours- a lie. It all comes down to your definition of ‘lying’. If given the chance, you’d change this world into your ideal, wouldn’t you? And so that’s what they’re doing with their photos and anything else they can edit- plastic surgery exists, you know.”

“I know, but I don’t like it.”

“Good thing they don’t do it to please you, then. Everyone should do what brings them joy, and if doing these things are what makes those people happy, your opinion holds no matter. We are, after all, forever chasing our ‘future’, and in our ‘now’, our futures will only ever hold our ideals.”


Yo, today’s MSP data collection (2nd day) was better than the first. Still not a fan of it tho. Watched three episodes of Sword Art Online with Gaaya- not a bad anime except for the ‘romance’ theme sigh Well, good nite, Ciao~





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