Scent of you

Daily prompt– Scent.

It was seven in the morning. Lance`s eyes were still shut and his alarm was disabled, but he could tell that it was seven because everyday at seven sharp, the scent of pancakes would waft into the bedroom. He smiled.

Slowly, he forced his heavy eyelids open and pushed his blankets away. Normally, to get him to wake up at this hour was close to impossible- but for the past two years under this roof, it was one of the many things he looked forward to.

He sat up, stretching. Then yawning. He rubbed his eyes before scratching his head as he heard a soft humming coming from outside the slightly opened bedroom door.

Getting onto his feet, he shuffled his way past the toilet, completely pushed the bedroom door open and entered into a tiny walkway that lead to the living room to the right and kitchen to the left.

Messy bun. Shirtless back. Blue boxers that were slightly too large.

By the counter, a body tinier than Lance`s grooved to the tune it was humming as it squeezed maple syrup onto one of the two plates stacked with pancakes.

Lance walked up to Keith and wrapped his arms around the smaller individuals body. He could feel the muscles tense up for a second, before relaxing in his grasp.

“You know, you shouldn’t be wearing my boxers- red suits you better. Always waking up before the sun does to greet the morning red.” Lance whispered, looking down at Keith with half lidded eyes.

Keith tilted his head up, resting it on Lance`s shoulder.

“But if I didn’t, who would wake up to make breakfast for you?” Keith said, looking up at him with huge blue-grey eyes and a smile that he rarely shared with others. Lance redden. He could smell Keith’s sweet pheromones mixed with the strawberry scented soap he used and just wanted to gobble the boy up right there and then.

What did I do to deserve him? I could win all the lucky draws and lotteries in the world, yet none could win me this. No gold or glory in the world could make me this happy- Heck, I’m the luckiest person in the world- no, the universe!, Lance thought, as he gave Keith a squeeze and planted a kiss on his forehead.

But all he said was “I love you.”

And he knew the other would understand.


~OMG I can’t believe I just wrote a Voltron fic for this prompt blushes ANywayysss, I’ve watched Voltron S2 a few weeks back and it was niceee :3 N since my new insta is practically filled with Voltron posts, here’s a fic by me hehe ^^ I really like the topic ‘scent’ n would have posted this on AO3 but I don’t have an acc there so meh.

Also, today I skipped the first class (MiBi) and went for practical. We were free from 12.30pm but I had to go to the freaking hospital for our MSP project and that wasted like 5 hours of my life (got back at 5pm+ and was super exhausted.) All we did was sit in a smelly, non air-conditioned, spider filled room, searching through files. We got 10 done. We have 140 more to go FML.

Here’s something I have stuck on my wall that I wrote many years back about scents too: Different smells link to different memories. Take you different places~





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  1. The post looks great! Was the title inspired by Ed Sheeran !?

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  2. a great write up indeed…spreading the fragrance all around….

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