It must have been dark


“It must have been dark- where you came from.” He finally said to break the silence.

“Why would you say that?” She replied, staring at the twinkling yellow lights above them both.

“You’re always so quiet. It makes me think you’re lonely.” he replied, scratching his head.

“”I just like the quiet. The peace. Just because I don’t talk a lot doesn’t mean I’m lonely or sad.”

“Yeah, true.” he smiled at her, but she kept her sight locked above.

The rest of the ‘campers’, which were their classmates, were already long asleep in their tents. He could never sleep well away from home, so he had decided to sit by the electric fire in front of his tent only to find that the area had already been occupied by her.

After awhile, she said:  “Well, you must be happy- you’re always smiling.”

He shrugged. “I either smile or I cry- there’s no middle. I’ve got to deceive myself into thinking I’m happy, to push away all the hurt inside, you know? It’s easy- have you tried it?”

“Hmm,” was the sound she made.

“Well, You’re the easiest person you can fool.” He continued. “Just give it a go- keep smiling for no reason. You’ll trick yourself into believing that everything’s easy!”

The yellow lights above flickered. His eyes darted to the area of darkness to his right. A LED bulb that had once shone there just died. Their gym sure had a different atmosphere at night, he thought. A more calming, creepy feeling- especially when they turned it into a makeshift forest.

“But what if nothing matters? Then, does it matter if it’s easy or hard?” She replied.

“Well, it makes not mattering more joyful, I guess.”


Prompt: yellow





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