Faded words

The sad part is that you get used to the good things too~

You`re always searching for something new~

Being bored and longing for change,

doesn`t it scare you that tomorrow,

‘You’ might just not be ‘You’?~”

Arthi`s red bareback gown sparkled under the spotlight as she pranced around the stage in her high heels, owning it.

“She sure has a good voice!” A man on the opposite table said.

“And amazing sex-appeal,” Another added, grinning.

Nisha rolled her violet eyes. “The lyrics she writes are faded on you both.” She thought.

You’re always praying, never for the same thing at different times~

and every time, you say this is the only thing you really want~

What do you really want,

when what you want keeps changing, then?

Oh, but baby, I know that all I’ll ever want is youuu~

Cheers and whistles echoed the room as Arthi bowed, before blowing kisses to the crowd. And yet her eyes were kept on only one, and those violet eyes never failed to returned her gaze.


Word count: 176

Prompt: Faded

~Today was a funtiring day(cause doing fun things can drain the E’s outta u). Finally got to see what Block A hostel of MMMC looks like!! Am currently reading(and am obsessed with) ‘All about J‘ 😀 The author, Asumiko Nakamura’s stories are so captivating and her art hypnotizes me. Thanks for reading ❤



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