Love is your Culture


For Happiness and Love go hand in hand

So you are my Happiness until time ends

You’ve told so many that you can’t Love

But maybe all you do is Love

Is why you can’t see a difference

You were cultured by Love,

and Love cultures you

So let me be that

Who cultures








Word count: 65

Prompt: Culture

~I haven`t written in ages! Glad I finally found the time in this past few days πŸ™‚ We got to see an autopsy being done on a body that passed away on the same day yesterday at 9pm in the Forensics building. Got back home and was super exhausted! Today we practiced Lumbar Puncture during Clinical Skills classes πŸ™‚ Ps, this is written for a friend who told me he couldn’t love until he met me.

Anywayyy, Thank you for reading ^^


About Riverstardust

~Hey there! Glad we found each other :) Comment-- tell me something about you no one knows!! ;)
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3 Responses to Love is your Culture

  1. Fallen Saint says:

    Beautiful! -Fallen

    Liked by 1 person

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