The Sulker

“I’ve never been able to tell you my deepest secrets, even though I`ve known you for so long.” She said, looking at him from across the table as he sipped his soup.

“And why is that?” He replied, looking up to her.

“Well, because every time I want to, my brain reminds me of things you’ve said… My other friends made me feel safe- made our friendship feel safe. When there was a misunderstanding, which was ever so rare, we solved it there and then. With you, our friendship feels like it’s a water drop balancing on the tip of a grass.”

“I don`t make you feel safe?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You make our friendship feel… insecure.” She replied, stabbing her fork into the sole baby corn on her plate. “I guess I felt insecure from the moment I met you- when you asked me if you should still be friends with someone you already were friends with. And the second time was when you asked me if you should not be friends with someone just because of a flaw in their personality. Who even does that? No one asks to be friends- you’re just friends! That’s how friendships are made. You talk, and if you click, you last. If not, you remain in talking contact until you run out of topics. Everyone has their flaws and everyone’s different- you don’t see me asking if I should stop hanging out with someone just because of something they said or a mistake they made. Everyone makes mistakes. When you’re friends, you help correct them, and if they don’t want to be corrected, well, it’s their life! I don’t hate them or distance myself from them. And if they hurt me, I let them know. I never initiate a breaking of friendship- why shoul-”

“Can you just get to the point?” He cut in, draining the last drops of soup from his bowl, “I don`t need a lecture about friendship and I’m done with my food.”

She rolled her eyes, stuffing the baby corn into her mouth. “What really disturbs me about you is how you talk to a person all normal, and the next day, you think up of some mistake in that yesterdays conversation with them, and decide to distance yourself from them. Or when we have tiny fights, the next day you act as if you don`t know me.” She put her fork down before she dabbed her mouth clean with a tissue. “You know what? You’re a Sulker. And I I’ll never be able to tell my secrets to a Sulker.”

He shrugged. “Then don’t.”

She smiled. “I won’t. You`re too stubborn to change, and I won’t simply break our friendship for that,” She said, standing up and collecting her things to leave the canteen, before adding “Unlike you” with a wink.

“But maybe, one day, you`d let your secrets slip,” he said, giving a lopsided smile as he got up.

She giggled. “Some secrets are too precious to slip. I`ve only told a few, and I told them a few weeks into getting to know them because they made me feel secure. I’ve made it this far knowing you without telling it to you- so, why not forever?”

“So, why not forever?” He repeated, still smiling, as they both left the canteen.


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  1. Excellent storytelling!! I felt like I was literally in the restaurant watching this unfold.

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