“I’m a Storyteller!”

“And that’s another name for a liar.” Beelzebub replied.

“Depends on how you see it. I’m gonna save the world!”

“That’s what all humans say.”

“But I’ve got plans. I’m gonna write the best book and all the money I earn from it, I’ll donate! Won’t that be enough to save the world from poverty?”

“Funny, isn’t it? How this amount of money already exists in the world, yet poverty persists?”

“People can be greedy.”

“People are who you wish to save. Why save someone you don`t know?”

“Just… because.” The kid replied with a toothless smile.


Words : 101
Story elements : Beelzebub and man v man (in argument)

So, I discovered Flash Friday and decided to take part in it cause I`m too tired to do anything else 🙂


About Riverstardust

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4 Responses to FF- SAVE THE WORLD.

  1. Awesome flash fiction, I can totally see how this could be blown up to a full length novel.

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  2. tess611 says:

    I love the notion of saving the world by donating money from a book! I’m so on board with that, and the thought of how much greed is out there too. Clearly, you’re a good person with a big heart 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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