~What does love mean?

“What does love mean to you?”

Lin sat on the bench in Glanades park beside her niece, sipping tea from her thermos. The children in front of them were swinging from monkey bars, playing ice-man or going down slides. Her nephew played with those children, but her niece was one of those kids who preferred reading to running.

Her niece looked up at her with large black eyes behind spectacles too big for her face. “Did you know that the saying blood is thicker than water isn’t the full thing. It’s actually the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

“Yeah, I read about that- the actual quote supposed to mean that bonds formed by choice are stronger than those we didn’t choose.”

Her niece closed the Lord of the Flies book and placed it on her lap before shrugging. “Well, since you asked what love meant to me, I’d say love has no meaning. I mean, you can’t define a feeling, you feel it. But I guess, you know, when you love someone, then you probably would want to be with them all the time and spend hours talking about nonsense. I love Ren although he can be a really annoying brother, cause he’s funny and I know I’d miss him if he went away. I share inside jokes and stories with him that only the both of us would understand.”

Lin giggled. “I was kind of talking about the other type of love. You know, the love that leads-to-marriage type.”

Her niece grinned at her, nudging her with her elbow. “Who caught your eye?”

Lin rolled her eyes. “Its not me. Its just that my colleagues have been fighting and it’s to do about someone stealing someone else girlfriend.”

Her niece sighed. “Sometimes adults act more like kids than kids do. She must not have been a very good girlfriend in the first place if she could have been stolen, in my opinion.”

“Yeah, but it happens like, all the time at work.”

“They’re problem is trust.” Her niece said simply. “I trust you in knowing that when I go far away for years to study, you’d still love me. You wouldn’t leave me for another niece, so to say. But these people can’t even trust the ones they supposedly love to not leave them the next morning- it’s ridiculous. Love has come to such a thing that it’s become more of fear than anything else in these sort of relationships. Mum didn’t trust dad, and she had the right not to since he cheated, and that’s why I’m with you- no offence, but I love you more than the both of them because,” The girl stared at her hands resting on her book, “well, because it’s the time you spent with your flower that makes it so important.”

“The little prince.”

“Yea. Mum used to read it to me back when Ren and I were 5.”

The girl looked up at Lin’s eyes again before asking: “Hey, do you love my mum?”

“Of course, she’s my sister.”

“No, don’t give me that answer. Why do you really love her? What makes you miss her?”

Lin sipped her tea before replying: “Her cooking. She was the only one of us four siblings who could cook like mum. And she always used to make me laugh when I came back with bad results and everyone else would be angry.”

“See? You love her because you love her as she is. And I love my twin because his presence comforts me. We stick and become close to those who our demons play well with.”

“I’ll never understand why people fight or cheat on each other.” Lin replied. “Is it so hard to be just friends with everyone? I mean, love is free- you can love everyone, but you don’t need to sleep with them to show it. Sleep with the one person you can’t live without, but love everyone. And if that person is aggressive, why even date? Why do people who fall in love, then fight and break up?” The park was clearing up, and the both of them could see Ren and two other kids running away from a boy in a blue t-shirt.

“Simple, really. They expect too much from the other party. Look at us- I expect you to take care of me and you expect me to behave. We both fulfill the others wishes, and we are happy. Dad wanted a woman who would stay at home and cook, and mum wanted a lover but didn’t want kids and wanted to work. If people stopped expecting so much from each other when they get into relationships, I swear the world would have happier couples.”

Lin smiled. “You know, that’s very true. There’s this couple everyone knows about at work who breaks up and gets back almost two times every month. The girl likes the attention she gets from him, and he likes to use her for, um, well, to sleep with. And when he’s slept with her, he shows her less attention, and she gets angry and breaks up with him. But at some point, he misses what he got from her and she misses the attention, and they get back again, making the circle repeat.”

Exactly. Both their wants don’t correlate, and those are the most common relationships that exist. It’s sad, really. Love is such a simple thing, if only people knew the formula. All they need to have is a full understanding of the relationship they’re in. Many people just get into a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship- it shouldn’t be that way. Both parties have to set what they want from the relationship from the beginning.” Her niece looked up at the darkening sky. At the swings, Ren waved good bye to his friends.

“I admire you, aunty. You’re 26, you live with your friends and you’re one of the most happiest adults I know. My friends parents are usually so stressed.”

Lin ruffled her nieces short hair. “And I, you. You’re just like your mum when it comes to conversations, you know? She was always logical and smarter than anyone I knew at her age.”

Ren ran up the both of them with a large grin plastered across his face. “Nika asked me out on a date tomorrow, Aunt Lin. Can you drop me at Coffee Bean tomorrow, pleaseee?”

Ren’s sister stood up as Lin packed her thermos and The Lord of the Flies book into her bag. “Sure, why not?”


Since I have not written for ages, here’s something. I just wrote this cause today’s Navaratri and I have a holiday so I actually have time to write and I really miss writing 🙂 Inspired by all the break up and ex-es stories I’ve heard in just two weeks I’ve been in MMMC. 22/10/2015


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