The Girl From The Other Side

~submitted this poem here awhile back, I just didn`t know I could reblog posts on wordpress 🙂 If you`re Malaysian, don`t forget to submit your poems to this group too 😀

The Malaysian Poets Society

It`s not a distant place
where the Others reside
but it`s rarely found by us
for it`s not to be seen by mere eyes
It`s the Soul that we need to use
to be able to reside at the same time
in two worlds apart- at two places at once
but when children talk, it`s just nonsense.
Was it wrong? I wondered
To care for someone only I could see?
She looked up at me, her onyx eyes worried.
She could sense- deep in my soul- disturbance.
At first, all was good- we were both happy
We had each other, when times were good or deary
But nothing`s ever allowed to stay stagnant for long
And as I grew up, the adults stopped playing along.
They told me that children kept `imaginary friends`
(that`s what they called her, those insolent souls)
at most till they`re six, no longer than seven.
But she`s real! As real as the flesh on my skin!

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2 Responses to The Girl From The Other Side

  1. This is interesting, I didn’t know MAPS until now, I shall check it out.
    Thanks for sharing!

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