Daily prompt – S/he Said.

Me : Was denkst du gerade? (what are you thinking about right now?)

Andrej looks out of the window at the strong winds and dark sky.

Andrej : Ueber Regen. Und wie heiss ist es! (About rain. And how warm it is!)

(For the sake of making this easy to English readers, I`ll continue in English.)

Me : Looks like there`s gonna be a lightning storm.

Andrej : I hope it makes the temperature drop.

Me : Hey, look! It`s raining!

We both stare outside with smiles on our faces. The sky was dark and the rain (or Hagel, as Andrej called it) was strong. We heard the thunder but saw no lightning. We were both hoping desperately for the weather to get cooler.

It did not.

In five minutes, Mr.Sun shone brightly with a smug on its face and the rain disappeared. Sighing, I went back to reading In Pursuit of the Crown (an original story by my fave fanfic author Kurosora1984) and he went back to using his computer. 5/7/15



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One Response to ~RAIN, PLEASE STAY!

  1. Yinglan says:

    It rained in my corner too! It looks like mother nature has decided to turn around for us and hopefully, there’s more rain and cooler weather coming.

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