Literary Lion – Bleeding.

I was five when I first drew blood from another person. My cousin, to be exact. He was four.

The 3 seater sofa faced a small television set. We were in my grandpas house, visiting him. A cartoon was playing. The middle seat had the best view. My cousin and I both wanted to sit in the middle, and what do children do when they want something?

Normally they fight. That`s what we did.

My nails were not too sharp, but I scratched him anyway. I held his elbow, and pulled my fingers down quick. Blood oozed out from three long skin ripped lines.

We were both shocked at first, then he cried. My aunt, his mother, came from the kitchen. She saw his bleeding arm. Panicking, she called my mother. We lived around 5 minutes away from grandpa`s, so my mother arrived in no time.

I just watched.

My aunt took her son to the hospital, and my mother took me home. I can`t remember if I felt remorse, but I was a kid, and kids played violently. Children don`t think as rationally as adults do- they`re still finding their boundaries- their animal instincts are strong. Or at least, that`s what the adults concluded.

Two years after that, I was playing in the garden with my four year old brother and cousin. We were making mud-pies from dirt mixed with water. My cousin controlled the amount of water we needed for the dirt. My brother and I made the pies. Then, something went wrong. We didn`t agree on something.

And I scratched my brothers face.

Maybe violence starts as kids. Maybe our degree of violence comes from the way we were brought up. And maybe they should have treated my violent behavior instead of dismissing it as a normal kids behaviour.

284 words.



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7 Responses to ~Bleeding.

  1. bhuwansharma007 says:

    nice article

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  2. ladykelacy says:

    A very thoughtful piece and it makes a very good point.

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  3. I really liked the tone you had as narrator in this one, it had a lot of innocence at the beginning that comes across as dangerous.. I like it!

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  4. Jahnavi Chintakunta says:

    Nice post. The introduction is hilarious but the conclusion is thoughtful. Love your writing style.

    Liked by 1 person

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