~Remember floppy discs?

Daily Prompt – Going Obsolete.

The square floppy disk was purple. I stared at it, remembering the time when my dad and aunt used to keep all their information in these huge, flat, multi-coloured, discs. They had boxes filled with these things- guess they could barely hold any information in them.

“Wow, you`re out of luck. My computer can`t read this, man.”

Leit raised an eyebrow. “Why not?”

“This device is obsolete- like, as old as my grandmas black-and-white TV she sold five years back.”

“I was given this today. I was said that it contains the information I need to find Nixil.”

I sighed- really? “Hold on a min.”

I searched up how I could read a floppy disk, and found my answer in a really old chat room. Like, really old. The thread was from 2008. And one of the comments linked me to a site where I purchased a USB external floppy drive.

“You know, I never would have thought I`d be doing such a thing- never even imagined the possibility. Buying a external floppy drive.”

“There is a song I have heard on the radio by a famous artist. I believe the name of the song is `Never say never`.”

“Urgh, Justin Bieber.” I rolled my eyes.

“You seem to dislike the singer. I do not know why, but I must say, the words are true. We say never to things we cannot be sure of. The future is a land where everything is possible- every never and every imaginable or unimaginable event.

“Yeah, okay. Where`s my cup?”

Leit gave me a large smile. His dark eyes twinkled and his large ears fluttered. “I had to trade your cup for the floppy disk.”

“You know that my cup is worth 10 times more than this thing, right?” I waved the floppy disk in front of his face.

“It is the information that I was paying for.”

He walked to my window and leaned out. I didn`t have a balcony in this tiny apartment- that`s what made me miss home. The stars I saw from this city were also barely noticeable. Maybe it was because of polution, or maybe there were too many lights here.

“Why do things go obsolete?” Leit asked me, his eyes focused on the moon.

“Because of progress. When a new thing exists that preforms the same tasks as the old thing, only better and with more functions or benefits, the old thing becomes obsolete.”

“Just like floppy disks?”

“Exactly. Now we have pen-drives that store more than 100 times the information a floppy disk can hold, and it`s the size of my thumb!”

“Can people become obsolete, too?”

I gave it some thought. “Maybe. I mean, take my grandparents, for example. They`re like, totally against same sex marriage and don`t like the idea of me getting married to someone who`s not Indian. But my parents don`t mind it. And I, for instance, support same sex marriage, cause love wins. Let people fall in love with who they want to.”

“How does that make your grandparents obsolete?”

“I guess it doesn`t make them obsolete. But soon, God willing, their way of thinking will be obsolete.”

“God willing?” He looked at me with questioning eyes. It`s amazing, how we can understand what someone is trying to say just by looking at their faces.

“Hmm. All you need to know about God, or Gods, are that they`re supposedly like us, only with more power, stronger and smarter. For me, every being is God, cause God`s said to have created man in his own image. Also, God`s believed to have created us. My mum and dad created me. So, God equals my mum and dad. And I have a hard time believing in Hell and Heaven, so I`ll just keep believing that I have to love everyone, cause they`re all Gods. And since we all came from the same place, they`re also all a little part of me.” I said all of that in one breath.

“Wow. I do not believe I have completely understood what you have said, but wow.”

“Yeah, wow. We humans sure do come up with interesting story books.” 3/07/15



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2 Responses to ~Remember floppy discs?

  1. arcade1775 says:

    I use floppy disk drives to hold incense candles in now. Back in the day, I remember using 13 floppy discs to transfer a game from my friends computer over to my own, haha

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