~I laugh at my friends who are in India or Malaysia at the moment, complaining that it`s warm there, cause I just checked the weather, and Malaysia is 10 degrees colder than Germany! It`s so hot today, I was pretty sure I was going to melt, then evaporate away!

~Sparkasse`s thermometer said that on the 1st of July of 2015, it was 46 degrees celcius In Elisenbrunnen- and I won`t deny it

~Yesterday might have been the hottest day in German history- with Sparkasse`s thermometer telling us it was 46 degrees Celcius. But I`m pretty sure today`s warmer. Much warmer. Or maybe Sparkasse`s thermometer was defect.

~Andrej and I met up with Shari (a school friend of his) for lunch at the Mensa, and the air there was like a blessing- much colder than outside. She  checked the temperature on her handphone and told us that Saturday should be warmer than today!

~On FB, there were tons of articles/jokes about this. Germany might be the warmest place in the whole of Europe at the moment! Right now,

~Temperature screen shot of Aachen (Where I`m at) from my HTC
~Temperature screen shot of Aachen (Where I`m at) from my HTC

Aachen is at 38 degrees celcius(I wish I knew how to type the short-form of this using my keyboard :/ ), and Malaysia only at 28! Heck! Dubai is colder than Deutschland x)

~Andrej and I went to Saturn to search for fans. The fans section was as crowded as ants around sugar! And the prices were made for kings! (Okay, lets rephrase that to CEO`s) x_x A fan the size of my hand was 14 euros, and a normal sized fan was 50+ euros 😦

~And you know what the best part is? Our exams are allocated around these warm times :/ Shari`s exam, for example, is tomorrow. She`s studying Medicine. It`s so warm, I don`t even know how anyone is supposed to concentrate on studying!

~Well, at least Med students get to enjoy their Summer break cause their exams end on the 16 th of July. (So organized) Our Biology course has its last exam on the 24th of September, and the Winter semester begins in the beginning of October. (Thanks, RWTH) The only holiday we, as Bio students, actually get is during the two week Christmas break (but you`re expected to study then, too).

~Well, I also did my presentation on Russian Food yesterday for Russian language class for extra points 🙂 Was sweating the whole time during the presentation, but made it through~ Thanks, Andrej, for making my presentation for me! ❤ I presented it, but he used power-point to make it (since I don`t have powerpoint on my comp) Toodles, poodles!signature

~From Facebook groups. “Opened the window for a short time, to see how warm it was!”

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~Hey there! Glad we found each other :) Comment-- tell me something about you no one knows!! ;)
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  1. andy1076 says:

    46!!!! it’s 28 degrees here in Vancouver and I am complaining already, but 46!?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yinglan says:

    Whoa! Those are some pretty high temperature. 46 C? That’s 114 F. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’d melt in that heat.

    Liked by 2 people

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