~What can you do in Koblenz? Well, apparently a lot.

~Frau Edith took Alya, the two other patentkinder`s of hers and I to Koblenz yesterday! Her main reason was to visit an art exhibition, which I really did enjoy. The artist himself, Kai Savelsberg, was there too! He gave a speech and then we saw the paintings- I really like how his paintings have stories/meanings behind them 🙂

~Im not sure if im allowed to post the photos of his paintings here though :/ After seeing the art, we decided to go to Deutsches Eck. Germany is filled with museums and castles! On our way there, we stopped by Ludwig Museum to snap some photos :

~Deutsches Eck in Koblenz.

~Deutsches Eck in Koblenz. You can see the colour separation of the waters 😀


~After the photo-snapping, it was off to the cable-cars! It was so nice of Frau Edith to take us on it :3 In our cable-car there was another elderly man with two boys- one 3 and the other 6 years old- to take of. He told us where was what when we reached the top. The view from the cable car was amazing too!11647197_10206018205548735_346146904_n

~At the top, we went to the viewing point. We could see where Rhine joins the Moselle from up there and the view itself was breathtaking! When we were done admiring the view, we walked to the other end. We also went to the Fortress of Ehrenbreitstein  (I think I got the name right). There, we saw sheep. And people sheering sheep. And huge sheep that Alya and I thought could pass as cows in Indonesia. Then, a sheep baa-ed but it sounded more like a moo ._.

~We took a break at the restaurant there- had food and drinks and a rest. After that, we decided to go back down, but before that, we entered a sort-of Lego museum! We got free tiny rat figurines hehe.

~Me and Alya at the entrance to the lego museum.

~Me and Alya at the entrance to the lego museum.

~Our trip back down with the cable-cars were fun too, and once we reached bottom, we walked to a castle to have tea inside! We also talked a lot about the world and its well-fair. I also may never be buying clothes from Primarkt again.


~Frau Edith, Alya and I 😀

~Our next destination was the Old town! We explored that part and Frau Edith told us about how, in the olden times, they used to mould scary faces at the entrance to chase away evil spirits- a similarity in the East and West culture! 🙂

~We were all so exhausted after that, so back home we went 🙂 I slept yesterday night at ca. 3-4 am and woke up at 7am, so I slept in the car during our trip to Koblenz, but I was wide awake on our trip back to Aachen. One thing I`ve got to say is that Frau Edith has an awesome taste in music :3

PS, we also passed The Church of Our Lady and Forum Confluentes a couple of times. 28/6/2015 was a beautiful day indeed. And now, for me to go and sleep.



~Alya at the lego museum

~Alya at the lego museum







~An entrance

~An entrance


~An entrance

~An entrance


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  1. litadoolan says:

    Looks like a great day out. That is so dramatic to see the different colours in the water. Great capture.

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