~Evidence is your enemy.

Daily prompt – Groupthink.

“They said I should see someone.”

“So you came to see me?”

“You`re someone, right?”

“Well, yeah. But I don`t think they meant me…”


He scratched the back of his head. His eyes were fixed on his older brother, whose eyes never met any others. Maybe it was because he never stood straight?

“Okay, get in.”

His brother carefully took off his shoes and coat. Before sitting, like a dog, he spun the sofa pillow and checked the sofa. He took a seat on his armchair.

“So, what`s the problem?” He asked.

“Mum and dad found out.”


“You know about what.” His brother replied as he played with his fingers.

He sighed. “How can you be so careless, Toby? How many times must I tell you : evidence is your enemy?”

Saying nothing, Toby began pulling out a wild skin from his thumb.

“Toby, listen to me.” He stopped playing with his fingers and lifted his head, but his eyes never met his brothers.

“They found your eyes collection?”

Toby shook his head. His hair was too long- he needed a haircut.


“They only found the eyes I was preparing to store, Nick. I didn`t have time to hide it before mum came bursting into my room!”

Nick massaged the arch of his eyebrows. “Stop keeping trophies, will you? Eyes are eatable too. Or not just burn, bury or smash them away.”

“I try. But… but I…”

Nick slammed his fist on his coffee table. “No buts! If I can do it, why can`t you?”

Toby lowered his head again and played with his fingers.

Nick sighed and joined Toby on the sofa. “I`m sorry for raising my voice, Toby- but you were always better at this then I was. I learned from you! Your only mistake is keeping trophies.”

Toby lifted his head. “Is it okay if I moved in with you?”

“You`d have to get a job first.”

“Mum and dad told me not to come back until I saw someone.”

Nick sighed, before hugging his brother.

“You can stay with me if you find a job.”

“Really?” Toby asked, eyes widening.

“On one condition.”


“No more trophies.”


~A bird taking care of the baby

~A bird taking care of the baby

Went to Koblenz with Frau Edith today, and boy, did Alya and I have fun! 🙂 28/6/2015



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