~Make your FB profile pic rainbow-y for same sex marriage.

~Add the rainbow to your profile picture to support same sex marriage :)

~Add the rainbow to your profile picture to support same sex marriage 🙂

~It`s good to know how a part of the world has cached up with what Sims 3 has legalized awhile back- same sex marriage! 😀 The whole of US has finally approved of gay marriage, now when is Malaysia going to do such a thing? Should Msia even hope that such a thing would happen? 😦

~Anyway, my Facebook feed is filled with gay pride and rainbow coloured photos. I just rainbow-fied my facebook profile picture as well! Here`s the link to do it : Rainbow-fy your profile.

~Out of the topic- Andrej and I met up with Alya at Heristal at 2pm to check out Uni Tag at RWTH Aachen- did not enter cause we had to pay an entrance fee…. Instead, the three of us went to Lindt to buy chocolates IMAG3259(hehe). Met up with Tra there right after Lindt closed. Lindt closes at 4 on Saturdays.

~Walked back to Heristal and found Riya waiting there for us. We went to Rewe to buy food, then went to Vielharmonie to have the dinner buffet! 🙂 Followed Riya to the hauptbahnhof later to send her off to Juelich. Know whats bad? DB- theyre always on strike or under construction! There`s construction going on around Duren I think, so only buses are available- no trains.

~Here`s a song I like that supports gays 🙂



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~Hey there! Glad we found each other :) Comment-- tell me something about you no one knows!! ;)
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