~Best time for thinking.

Daily Prompt – Golden Hour.

~The sunlight crept into my room, beam by beam, like fingers that kept growing longer and longer until they took everything into their palms. I watched the window from my bed with my eyes wide open and head resting on my pillow. It was only 6 am, but I couldn`t sleep.

I was thinking instead.

I was thinking about why I wake up every day. It`s easy to sleep- the real challenge is getting up. Finding a way to motivate you to survive through another day of life.

An acquaintance once told me that the longest, most painful way to die is by living. What would your most painful way to die be? I laughed out loud at myself. Psychologists believe talking to no one is a sign that you might be psychotic.

I would have to disagree with her though. I think living life till the end is the most beautiful way to die- rather than by being shot or tortured or being taken by a sickness. And have you ever stopped to wonder why and from where people get their dreams from?

A man with one hand, dreaming to become a famous boxer. A person with no legs climbing Mount Everest. And then there`s me- with every part in tact and having perfectly functioning organs and limbs, and yet I can`t even tie my tie right. Tie my tie. I giggled.

~love yourself quote

I placed my right arm on my forehead. It felt cooling. It`s summer now. The flies will start visiting.

Well, what do I dream of? I dream of having a dream, I guess. I don`t really know what I want to do with my life. Seriously, where do people get these dreams from? Was there a dream-vault somewhere along life’s journey that I forgot to unlock? Or did God forget to assign me a quest? Give me a reason?

I sneezed and the alarm clock went off.

That was when I realized that the best time for thinking for me was after waking up. Sometimes, I`d do lots of thinking before going to sleep too- if I wasn`t exhausted.

The sun was done with rising from behind buildings and trees. My clock showed a minute past seven as it continued its crying.

I stared at the ceiling and smiled. I found my reason for today- that I don`t actually need a reason! I`m made of stardust- millions of years old- why do I, or anyone for that fact, need a reason to live? I live cause I just do! And with that thought, I hopped out of my bed and turned off my alarm. Another wonderful day filled with adventures is waiting for me!


Voted for our Uni-parliament today at RWTH. 25/06/2015



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7 Responses to ~Best time for thinking.

  1. lifelessons says:

    I think writing this lovely article was reason enough for waking up. I loved “fingers that kept growing longer and longer until they took everything into their palms” http://judydykstrabrown.com/2015/06/25/re-tired/

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  2. That’s Life!
    Waking of Life!!!

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  3. Jahnavi Chintakunta says:

    “I`m made of stardust- millions of years old- why do I, or anyone for that fact, need a reason to live? ” 😀 Hilarious!

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