~If it bleeds, it’s your fault.

~”I think I lost my virginity.” Or, at least that`s what I told everyone on whatsapp.

IMAG3127~<< That was the picture I sent to everyone when trying to get them to believe me x) To know what really happened, we have to go back in time. Back to the night of 22/06/2015.

~I was trying to open a can of peanuts. The problem is, as I was trying to pry it open (it has the same opener as a coca-cola can), the opener broke. I told Mytilus about it, and he handed me a spoon to open the whole can (since I opened it a bit with the opener).

~I wedged the spoon into the small opening I`d already made, and tried with all my might to open it fully. As I was doing this, I was also joking with Mytilus and not concentrating.

IMAG3131~My hand slipped it all happened so fast. I must have cut myself by the sharp tin opening, because my index finger bled and bled. I tried using a tissue to stop the bleeding, but it bled on. Onto the bed, onto my soya carton, and of course, onto the tissues.

~Once I got the bleeding to stop, I went upstairs to my room to get my med. kit. Mytilus helped me apply antibiotics on the finger and wrap my finger up. It was a deep cut, but barely see-able. Funny thing is, is didn`t hurt. And still doesn`t. :/ Egal.

~One of my cousins were convinced that it was nail-polish x)

~One of my cousins were convinced that it was nail-polish x)

~Advice from me : DO NOT try to open a can (whatever can it may be) with a spoon. If you do, make sure you are giving the task your full attention ._. Anddd, that is all today from `dumb things that Resna does.` Topic also kinda fits the snapshot challenge. Toodles poodles ❤572fd-untitled


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4 Responses to ~If it bleeds, it’s your fault.

  1. andy1076 says:

    damn..! be very careful 😨

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  2. Great photo i like your point of view

    Come to see please and comment that DAY 14 or ROY G. BIV

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