~What`s in a toy?

Daily post – Toy Story. (22/06/2015)

Leit sat on the side of my bed, watching my laptop start up. He stared at it the same way I did when I was trying to break down and understand a physic formula. I sat on my computer chair, and wondered how many times in my life it has been that I`ve seen this same start-up screen, waiting for the same thing to happen after the screen disappears.

I typed in my password before clicking on the internet icon on my desktop.

“For how long was the computer your favourite toy?”

Toy?” I swiveled my chair to face Leit. “Toy? A computer is a top-notch machine that allows me to access any information in the world anytime I want, and you call it a toy?”

“What, if you do not mind me asking, is the definition of a toy?”

“Hmm…” I typed in `toy definition` in my Swagbucks toolbar.

“Lets see…” I clicked a link I trusted. “The Free Dictionary describes a toy as an object that provides children with amusement.” I stuck my tongue out at him. “Do I look like I`m 6 to you?”

He only smiled as he pointed to the second definition. “Something that provides amusement– is that not what your computer does when you need to be amused?”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever. Lots of other things do too. Anyway, what did you need me to research for you?”

He handed me a square yellow paper. On it were the words Nixil. “What is this?”

“Who is this.”

“Okay, who?”

“That is what I need you to find out.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“I need him to help me with a personal matter. And, no, you would not understand it even if I explained it to you.”

I sighed. “Okay, hold on.” I Swagbucks-ed the name, but no results that I wanted came out. Then I tried Google, only to have the same results.

“Um, dude? Have this dudes full name?”

Leit shook his head.

“Well then, I ain`t gonna be much help to you, nor is my computer.”

He sighed- and this was the first time I saw him do such a thing. He always looked so calm and composed and, well, emotionless. But this time, I sensed sadness.

“Hey, want me to make you a Mocha?”

He looked up at me. “Yes, I would like that very much. I can even help you make it, if you like.”


We both made our way to my tiny kitchen, which was only like five steps away from the bed and study/computer (okay, lets call it multipurpose) table.

“I applied for a job at a cafe and was accepted as a bartender.”

My eyes widened. “What? Really? And you`re only telling me this now? I`ve been applying and applying and not one dumb reply- oh wait. Except as a cleaner with the working hours of either 11pm till 2pm or 6am till 9am…” I added water into my kettle.

“I did not want to say anything as I was not sure if I would be hired.”

“Of course you would- you speak perfect German, you Cheat!” I turned on my kettle before sprinkling water at him.

“Your age may be 20, but your personality is of no doubt a six year old.” He said, eyes dull. Something was bugging him.

“Come, lets sit and wait for the water to boil.” We both sat on my bed, leaning on the wall behind us, facing the window that showed us twinkling stars and light rain.

“You okay?”

“I need to find this person.” He replied.

“Tell you what- you find more info on him the same way you found the name, and I`ll do all I can to help with the search, deal?”

I raised my hand to him, and he shook it just like a human. I took my tiny beanie-bunny that lived beside my pillow and hugged it.

“What was your favourite toy when you were young?”

“Well, I had many play-things to play with as a child, but none of em were really my favourite. I wasn`t able to play with a toy for more than a few days before losing interest in it- once you find out what makes it tick, it just loses its magic.”

“So you were often bored as a child?”

“Nope- I don`t think children know how to be bored. Anyway, I had my siblings to keep me company, and my cousins and friends- never got bored of them.”

I got up and digged my multipurpose table`s drawer for a pink writing book.

“Here, take a look at this page.”

I handed a page to him that began with a haiku I wrote long ago.

“The map on my wall

stole magic from lands which I

once thought had no ends.


“Like it?”

“It has a truth that you can relate to.”

I took the book back from him and left it on my table, then walked to the kitchen and knew he wasn`t far behind. Taking two cups out from the cupboard, I poured in the water and added in coffee powder and milk.


“You are right. In the past, the world was a universe. Now, it is as large as the map shows it to be.”


“Which means that all we have to do is search the whole map of this world!”

“The whole of Earth? Are you ma-“

Leit had opened my window, my cup in one hand and the other holding the ledge.

“Thank you! I shall see you again soon!”

And with that, he leaped from my forth floor apartments window.

“Oi! Bring my cup with you!” I screamed out into the night, to no one normal eyes could see.



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    Wow memory lane with a touch of nostalgia eh! 😀

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