~Tips on taking good photos.

~I`ve just began joining in posting in the Weekly Photo Challenges, and it`IMAG0586s pretty fun. I decided to do some research on how to take great scenery photos. Anyone on holiday with a camera today can take a photo, but to take professional travel photos, you need good knowledge and skills about photography. So, want to become a pro at taking travel photos? Then read on, cause here are a couple of tips I learned!

~First thing`s first, good lighting and having good judgement to light is required. Lighting plays an important role in how your photo will turn out, so make sure the lighting fits the surroundings. Aim on being at the right place at the right time of the day to maximize the quality of your photo. Morning gives brightness to your photo, but sunrise and sunset allows you to add various other more colors to the scenery you are capturing.


~See how the red pole and balcony are not at the center of the photo?

~Before traveling to a certain place, do not go there only to feel lost. Instead, research about it. Find out all the places of attractions and amazing spots to snap excellent photos. And also be prepared for the unexpected, for bad weather, delays due to transportation and so on are inevitable. Maybe it is raining or foggy and ruins your plans on how the photo should turn out, but do not fret. Instead, you now have a new view of the scenery people have seen a million of times under sunlight. Be happy, for now your photo is unique and stands out!


~The towers are towards the corner of the photo, and there are birds in the sky

~Another way to get great photos is to make sure your color composition is fits. You can use color to create dramatic, beautiful compositions. The secret is to simplify. Do not concentrate on too many colors at once. Photos dominated by strong primary colors such as blue or red can be powerful. Color also has the power to evoke powerful emotions, so learn about colors. Blue is a cool, calming color. It is the color of the sky and oceans, and is able to portray the feeling of peace and tranquility. Red, on the other hand, is a dominating color, and a color the our eyes are most sensitive to.

~There is also a rule you can follow to take wonderful photos called the Golden Ratio rule, also known as Rule of Thirds. If you don`t know what this rule is, then the first thing you should know is that you should try not to allow the object of your focus to be in the middle. This will draw away the attention of your viewer to the side attractions and only look at the main object. There are always exceptions, and you can always break the rule if you feel like it, but I really like this rule :3 Here`s where you can read more about it.

~Well, it seems like that`s all I`ve learned so far 🙂 Hope the tips help, and if you have a couple more tips, feel free to share them in the comments below! 21/6/15



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6 Responses to ~Tips on taking good photos.

  1. arcade1775 says:

    thanks! your photos are quite wonderful. ^^

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  2. lizbert1 says:

    Great tips – I shall be trying them out tomorrow! Cheers for sharing!

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  3. It’s also good to look at the photographs of great photographer of the past such as Henry Cartier Bresson among others. Here is a collection of them from google images
    As well as looking at paintings of masters or at good contemporary photographs that appear in some good newspapers and magazines. By looking and analysing them you can discover their secrets.
    Anyway in my view composition is the most important thing in photography and in painting.

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