~I need more time!

~Day 2 of the 03 days 03 quotes challenge. I chose this quote cause I just began reading the book The Tike Keeper by Mitch Albom. I read The five people you meet in Heaven a few years back, and really enjoyed it! Anyway, back to the challenge. Rules are:

1. Share three quotes on three days in a row, one on each day.

2. Nominate three bloggers on each day.


Oh no, I`m late!

Oh well, I`m dead.

No need to pull out the

hair on my head.

If I was meant to be there on time,

I would have been, so no need to fret,

for what ever will be,

will be.

My Nominees for Day 02:



A piece of cake.


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~Hey there! Glad we found each other :) Comment-- tell me something about you no one knows!! ;)
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11 Responses to ~I need more time!

  1. JoelF says:

    Thanks for the nomination Resna. Just want to let you know i appreciate it you mentioning my blog. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks again.

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  3. neffy93 says:

    Thanks for the nomination. I will be on this right away.

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  7. Moon says:

    Reblogged this on The Dreaming Path and commented:
    see if this inspires you

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  8. Moon says:

    sorry i didnt do this when you nominated me – but I will – starting during this week – not sure what to use as a ping back though. Want to tell me ?

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