~Bob and the bluejay.

Todays prompt – A dog named Bob. (why are the prompts getting lamer?)


The finest plates and bottles of ink are what I sell

said the blue-jay to the dog Bob

and I`d throw in this free bottle of syrup, just don`t tell

which caused Bob to mentally sob

because his mailbox is what he can never reach

without a salesman popping out- Sheesh!


10/6/15 went to monschau today with my family~~



About Riverstardust

~Hey there! Glad we found each other :) Comment-- tell me something about you no one knows!! ;)
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4 Responses to ~Bob and the bluejay.

  1. Gerry C. says:

    Bravo. I like the song. The prompts are getting lamer because summer if here and folks are daydreaming about vacations, outdoor picnics, baseball and the beach. Hopefully this situation will correct itself when autumn returns. ( Just kidding :)) There is NO rhyme or reason as to why the prompts are getting lamer. Enjoy the day.

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