~Cherished Childhood Days.

Daily prompt – Childhood revisited

`If i give you a flower, you must give me a kiss.

Only if that flower has petals as soft as your skin-`

“Oi! It`s five! Get out of the house!” Mother screamed. 5 to 7pm was, as my dad said, no time for a kid to be in the house. Not when the weather was good, and the sun was at its coolest.

I quickly turned off fanfiction.net and ran down the stairs to meet my brother at the hallway. We went out into the garden and got on our bikes. “Tim said he`d wait for us at the church wall!”

Nodding, we both raced our bikes to the very near church that was the middle of our housing area. I loved  cycling. The wind in my face, the speed the wheels took me at, the feeling of freedom.

“Hi Tim!” We both greeted the Chinese boy who had parked his bicycle beside the church wall. The wall was a cream colour, and short enough for us 12 year olds to climb onto. Kritini joined us soon after. We sat on the wall that was broad and long, and talked and laughed.

“Hi! You kids be careful!” We looked down the other side of the church(the inside) and there was the church caretaker. He was a skinny man with dark skin and a long white beard. He was fond of us, as we were of him. “There`s a function tonight, and there`ll be food. Why not come over?” he added, before walking off.

We smiled at each other, excited. Food! Free food! Why not? When our parents allowed it, we`d normally meet up at 8pm at the church to join in. Parents with us.

Some days, we would cycle to the back parts of our housing area, where the mini-markets and grasslands were. We would buy 20cent sweets and share them. Or buy gas drinks. On others, we`d hang out at each others backyards to play badminton or ice-Man. We would play with the other kids when we played in church, or trade the pokemon cards we buy from the mini-market when we were tired.

Right now, the four of us sat in the tiny garden of the church, all four tiny enough to squeeze onto one large swing seat. We sipped at our chilled gas drinks we bought from the vending machine in the church, as the sun kept us warm.

“I wonder what smart children do at these times.” I asked.

“Study.” Kritini replied.

“Don`t they get kicked out to enjoy the outdoors? Or to take the dog for a walk for exercise? Or something other than study?”

“I wonder what computer addicts do, if they weren`t kicked out of the house.” Naresh, my brother, asked.

“Ask yourself that question.” Tim replied jokingly.

“I read that some countries start schooling at 5.”

“Insane! We start at 7 and I wish I was 6 again!”

“I know right! Once you start school, that`s it. Next is college, then uni, then work. Then you`re old. No more time for play…”

“No childhood.” Naresh sipped at his grape flavoured F&N.

“Why do they want us to grow up so quick?”

“I read about some kid going to uni at age 10.”

“Parents are proud when they`re children do that.”

“But why?”

We shrugged.

“Maybe it means that the child will be successful in life?”

“I think success comes from being happy, not going to uni at 10.”

“Me too.”

“I wonder what we`d be like at 20.”

“I wonder what the Rugrats would be like at 20.” Naresh continued. We smiled.

“I would never want my childhood any other way. Even if we drift apart, go away. Become strangers and move far away. I`m glad I know you guys.” I added as I emptied my Sprite can.

Everyone nodded. I knew they felt the same.

Tim looked at his watch. “It`s only 6 now- wanna cycle to the grasslands?”

“Why not?”

And we threw our empty cans away, glad to have these cherished childhood days.

(。♥‿♥。) 29/5/2015 (。♥‿♥。)


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  1. I wonder how the Rugrats turned out too! Coolest kids ever 🙂

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