~First little crush.

Daily Prompt – A Mystery wrapped in an Enigma.

Her gaze passed me as she followed behind the Bully.

Everywhere the Bully went, she did too. Many called the Bully snobby, rude, or filled with attitude. Many also knew how to stand their ground. But I was a coward, and the Bully knew it. It`s like she could smell it.

I`d fret when she came near me. She`d get angry when teachers pronounce her name wrong. 2/3 of my class had Chinese names, and teachers pronounce practically everyone’s name wrong the first time. She sat beside me, and I could hear cursing under he breath during every class. It`s been more than five years since I`ve crossed paths with her, but I recall how I shivered when she was near.

She enjoyed cracking my knuckles.

Maybe she wasn`t so bad- I don`t know. But her cracking my knuckles scared me. I told her many times to stop, but she didn`t. And She followed the Bully everywhere. It seemed like they were best friends. I didn`t know what their relationship was, and I didn`t bother or want to.

It was not like I had no friends, no. I hung out with my group every chance I got! We were from different classes, but during recess and breaks, we would be together.

At age 14, the Bully left. She transferred to an international school. Win-win. She would get the type of education system she always wanted, and I would get un-cracked knuckles.

But it didn`t end there. That`s when She started following me around. Maybe I was the only `friend` the Bully had, other than her? I wasn`t sure, but after the Bully left, she began hanging around me a lot.

I already had a group, but I didn`t mind her. I didn`t have feelings for her at that time- she was simply someone who was without a friend. She was in my class, and my group was in a different class, so I began talking to her.

At one point, she began following me to recess. My group, however, was not pleased with this. The Bully was not their friend, and she was the bully’s friend, making her an enemy as well. I felt bad for her, and told them that she was okay. But they said she was weird. I wish I could deny it, but it was true.

We communicated, but I always felt that there was something different to the way I talked to her and others. With others, topics and words just came. But with her, there was always a pause. Maybe her answers were too short, or always led to dead ends?

I didn`t know how to tell her to stop following me to recess though, and I didn`t want to. My friends began calling her `Magnet`, and told me that she wasn`t right for me. I didn`t know what to do. My group loved me, even if she went where ever I did. I tried to find time for my group, as well as her.

At age 15, my group broke. Not because we fought, no. Nothing that drastic. It was three of us in the group, and my best friend, the friend I`ve had since I was 9, and still have, was going to study in an International school like the Bully. The other in our group, a friend made at age 13, wanted to be a model; wanted a different education system. Both left the school to go to new ones. I was in touch with them, but alone in school.

That`s when I started becoming closer to her. We made friends with another girl over a mutual story book- Artemis Fowl. We spent a lot of time together and they both became my new recess group. And as time went, I began feeling something for her.

I don`t know if it was what they call a crush, but I liked being around her. The three of us even communicated using MSN often. Our conversations in reality never did get less awkward over the years though, but the three of us had fun.

At 17, the three of us were separated into three different classes, but we were still a group. School ended at the end of 2012. But we kept in touch. We had the net. And our conversations were something I always looked forward to. They made me excited. Although, at some point, both of them began bullying me online.

They would criticize almost anything I said, and would do things without involving me. I could never understand why. I had the best results among us for our ending exams, but I doubted that that had anything to do with it. But they always knit-picked on my ideas, comments and replies, no matter how sweet they were.

It was somewhere in the middle of 2013 when I stopped talking to her. A fall out. I did something that irritated her on the chat room, and refused to apologize. We stopped talking.

That`s when I recalled my friends telling me to keep away from her.

And I still find myself wondering what she`s doing at times.

My first little crush was a girl.

And she was poisonously addictive.



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