~Tie a ribbon.

Prompt 27/5/15 – Baggage Check.

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?


I watched as the roller-belt moved luggage’s along- out from the plane`s baggage storage and back to their respective owners. The same faces that traveled with me were now standing and waiting. Waiting. Dr. Seuss said that The Waiting place was the most useless place to be.

My bag was red, and had a blue handkerchief tied to the handle. My grandma told me to tie it, to identify my bag easily. It`s what they did in tour trips- everyone tied the same coloured ribbon to their handle, to know who belonged to their group. Everyone you meet has something to teach you.

I saw my bag come out from behind these black rubber curtain-like things. It was one of the lasts to come out. I was one of the first out of the plane.

How many luggage’s have passed through here? How many people have stood at this spot, where I was standing now? 93% of the people who ever lived on this Earth were dead now.

I extended the handle of my bag and rolled it out of the baggage area. I passed a counter where there was a man who was arguing with a worker. It had something to do with his luggage gone missing. That happens a lot in airports- missing baggage. Or switched baggage. I had my bag once sent to China, and me sent to India.

Outside, I saw lots of people. Some were joyous to see those they loved returning to them. Some shed tears as they wished their dear ones all the best. I saw my family- both my brothers were arguing over something. My mother saw me first, and smiled, before alerting my brothers of my presence. My dad came to take my bag from me, kissing my forehead as he did so.

A miracle. I traveled half way across the world in only 12 hours. Flights made me nervous. But I made it in one peace, back to those whom I cherish. I smiled. I was home again. And how long only, before I had to leave again?

I was a traveler, and every decision I`ve made, has led me to every experience I`ve had. And soon, I`ll be on the road again.



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