~We are the Blanks.

Daily Prompt – Fill in the Blank.

“Hey, mum?”

“Yes, Alan?” Mother replied, without looking away from the shirt she was mending.

“Why do we live?”

She smiled. Children asked random questions at random times, she thought. “Why do you live?”

“To eat all the sweets in the world!” the child replied, with a large, toothless, grin.

Mother laughed. “That`s a better reason than many I`ve heard.”

Alan was quiet after that, but remained at Mothers side. He watched as Mother sewed the hole in his shirt.


“Mm-hm?” She had a needle between her teeth.

“What do you live for?”

Taking the needle from her slightly parted lips, she replied “I live for you.”

Alan smiled. Mother continued sewing, and he watched.

“Hey, mum?”

She seemed a little irritated this time, but replied with a smile. “Yes?”

“Mum, there`s this boy in my class – you know, Tim?”

“Is he the one with freckles?”

Alan nodded. “He seems a sweet boy. Are you both close?”

He nodded again. “Well then, what about him?”

“I found him crying in the toilet last Saturday.” Mothers dark eyes widened.

“Did something happen? Is he being bullied?”

Alan shook his head. “Said he`s stressed.”

Mother raised an eyebrow. “He`s 12. He hasn`t even entered the working world, and he`s stressed? What`s he stressed about? If his shoes match his shirt?” Alan grew quiet. Mother put down her sewing tools and lifted Alan up, placing him on her lap.

“Okay, what`s he stressed about?”

“Said he has too many classes. He takes Karate, and practices the violin everyday, goes swimming every other, and has Tennis too. He told me it`s too much. I asked him why he wouldn`t just quit. He said that he does it for his parents, cause they keep telling him that it`s for his own good and that he`ll thank them one day.”

Mother sighed. “This worries me, but as long as he`s not being physically abused, we`re not allowed to interfere.” said Mother, although she knew that Mental torture was even more damaging.

“Mum?… If it makes him unhappy, why do his parents make him do it?”

“Well, he`s to be molded into the kid his parents could`t be. To fill in the blanks in their lives, so to say. They wanted to be swimmers, musicians, athletes; but something prevented them from doing so– maybe their parents, maybe lack of money- so they force their children into it.”

“But shouldn`t we help?”

Mother shrugged. “I wouldn`t like it if someone tried to tell me how I should raise you. If he`s having problems, he should speak to the school counselor.”

Alan rolled his eyes. “The counselor`s the announcer! Everything we tell him, everyone else soon knows!”

Mother hugged Alan. “I`m sorry. But if you ever have problems, talk to us, okay?”

Alan nodded before getting off of his mothers lap. Then, looking into her dark eyes with his ones, he asked:

“Are you and dad happy?”



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