~In my Zone.

Daily Prompt – In The Zone.

“Where do you go, when you want to be alone, but not lonely?” He asked. I giggled.

“My apartment, silly. And when I feel too alone, I know Id meet you here when its dark.” Its been a month since Ive began talking to him. Hes not human, hes not alien, he only knows what he is– or maybe he doesnt? Ive tried to ask him once, but stopped myself. It was nice talking to him, and I didn`t want to do anything to scare him away.

“But what do you do to keep from being lonely throughout the day?”

“Attend classes, revise my homework, spend time with friends surf the net, work on projects, read books, play with clay, doodle, or try out making a new recipe; there`s a lot to do as a human, you know?”

He turned his large eyes at me and battered its lashes. “Does it work? Does it keep the loneliness away?”

I nodded, “Some of these activities require people to be done, but the activities I do alone help me detach from reality for awhile– they take me elsewhere. We could call it The Zone. But Im never alone-- its most noisy there! All my thoughts and ideas speaking to me as I concentrate on what I`m trying to do.”

“I tried to strike up a conversation with a photographer once. He never even turned to look at me. I could hear that he was quite annoyed at even my existence. Are you like that, when you are in The Zone?”

“Well, yes. I get irritated when people talk to me when I`m trying to concentrate on something.”

“I see.” When he stared at the sky, I wondered what he saw– was it the same sky, same stars, same colours, that I saw? I took a sip of my coffee. Did it matter?

“Hey, I thought you slept during the day?”

“Funny. I never recalled saying that I did. I do not even know what sleep feels like. I do not possess the ability to do so naturally.”

My eyes widened. “Man! That`s pretty sad!” He tilted his head.

“I mean, sleeping is awesome! Its also another way to go into anotherZone, I guess. The Dream Zone. You sleep, and your mind makes up these crazy adventures to keep you entertained. You can fly, swim, and do things youd never imagine was possible!”

“It really does sound amazing.”

“It is.”

“Do… do you know if there was a way I could sleep?”

“My grandpa uses sleeping pills, but I dont think itd work on you?”

“Hmm. Sleeping pills.”

My watch alarm beeped. I signed. “Well, guess Ive gotta go hit the hay. Tomorrows class begins early.”

He nodded. “Good night. And have fun in your Dream Zone.”

“Nanites~” I wished, closing the balcony door behind me.



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