~There was a time.


Let`s take a walk down memory lane;

where would you like to go?

Remember the days when you watched sunsets

with boys you don`t anymore know?

The kids you knew were as young as you,

youthful in their thoughts.

We climbed holy walls and rode bicycles through towns,

and acted competitive yet shared 20 cent sweets–

memories that now only exist in our souls.

I wasn`t Christian, but I heard the church bells ring

and the Muslims singing their songs.

And I`d visit the temples

every Friday night, with my family, and there was love.

It doesn`t exist now–

the place where I used to live.

The buildings and trees are all still there.

But a home is not a home,

when the people you`ve loved are gone,

and when there`s nothing left to love–

you leave.

But the colourful sky, that we once laughed under,

I`ll cherish, forevermore.




About Riverstardust

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