~I want money.

I want money.

Don`t we all?

I want enough money to buy an island.

And what? Rot in it?

I want to keep all the people I love in it– like a sleepover– only it never ends.

A dream for you, a nightmare for them.

But I want enough money to feed them and take care of them, and make them happy!

No jobs and ambitions to occupy the mind, makes it go crazy.

We can separate chores and work to keep the island running together.

Then, are they not working for their share of the money, like now?

But… but, we will be together.

Together, but too busy for each other. Ambitions and dreams rarely are the same. It takes over the actions, the thoughts, and time of some.


It will be the same as now. No one has time, even if everyone has.

… I tried to be generous. But I guess it was selfish of me– you`re right. Everyone has their own dreams. Mine was to have money. So that I`ll be able to have time for everyone I love.

Don`t you have time now?

… But, do they?


~Doing writing challenges again! Find the Daily Prompt here! I got inspiration to write this from this story. But, I think the original story was by Heinrich Boll. (I read the original a long time ago, I just found the english version today after writing this poem)

~21/5/2015 Thursday, Adalbertsteinweg, Aachen.~



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  1. I’ll take a slice of that money as well, please.

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