~Free comic book day in Germany


~Kid-friendly comics

~Comic book day in Germany this year was on the 9th of May, and in Aachen, two places promote it– Mayersche and Bang Bang comicbook shop. Andrej and I met up with Alya at 10am at Mayersche to get our free comic books. One person five comics. (But all of us took six from Mayersche hehe). Tha amazing thing is that we were there at 10 AM, and Mayersche opens at 9.30 AM, yet almost all the comic books were gone!


~Really well drawin comics

~Bang Bang comic shop opens at 10 AM, and we were there at around 10.30 AM. It was so packed, that we had to squeeze ourselves in to get comics. They did have a larger variety of comics though. I think only around 34 comics are offered for free. The website.

~We were done before 11 AM, and Alya decided to follow us back to our apartment block. Alya and I went to my room and took the photos of the comic books and chatted. Also showed Alya Sims`s Bustin out GBA. I downloaded the Emulator for computer to play it. Then, I downloaded the Sims ROM and played it! Completed the game today afternoon (10/5/2015) Took me around two days (not whole days) to complete it. Andrej joined me on his computer 😀

~mangas hehe

~mangas hehe

~Anyway, at ca. 1 PM, Alya left to go have lunch at Heristals. I cooked chicken with mushrooms and ate that 😀 Till 2.30 PM, I spent time with Andrej (playing Sims hehe) before walking to Rothe Erde bahnhof. Alya took a train from Aachen Hbh, and I met her in the third carriage from the last; bottom row. Riya joined us in Duren. We all traveled to Koln and met Nika there!!

~After meeting up, we went to Mayersche at Neuemarkt, only to find that all the comics have ran out 😥 Apparently they run out quick every year. We decided to just hang in Mayersche– browse the books and mangas. Hehe they even have a whole manga section for `Boys Love`.IMAG1955

~Once we were done searching for books we liked, to download the PDF version to read, we left Mayersche and went to McD. Nika got this new football looking double beef burger and Riya got a burger too. I had cooked food waiting for me at home though.

~Alya, Riya and I took the same train back to our respective places. I got down at Rothe Erde, and when I reached home, I continued playing Sims Bustin` Out for an hour or so hehe. Sorry, but I get addicted easily.

~Today, after Andrej and I finished playing Sims Bustin` Out (I`m planning to make a separate post for Sims and IB), we downloaded IB– It`s a pixel game with 10 endings, suggested by Nika.

~There was rain and sun at the same time-- Alya and I saw a rainbow as the train took us back to Aachen

~There was rain and sun at the same time– Alya and I saw a rainbow as the train took us back to Aachen.

~Aso finished the IB game today, playing three different endings (1.IB All Alone, 2.Friends forever. 3.Forgotten Portrait.) Andrej ended up with a better ending for his first try. I played it on my fourth. (4. Memories Crannies) Got too lazy aftet that, and the both of us watched this youtube video to see how all the endings go.

~I`m gonna go to sleep now. This was a quick update on my life. Nanites world!!

~Selfie at the bahnhof at Cologne

~Selfie at the bahnhof at Cologne.

~ 10/5/2015 11.47PM~


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