~Easy chicken satay skewers

 First time butchering a whole chicken.IMAG1700

~Vaals Tuesday morning markt is an awesome place to shop at if you`re living in Aachen (Aachen borders Netherlands and Belgium). It`s a ca. 30min bus ride there, but our NRW ticket covers it 😀

~I bought four whole chickens there with Alya on 28/4/15. Decided to chop up one of them on the 30th of April with Andrej– took us almost an hour xD The smell was horrible and IMAG1716the chicken had blood in it x_x After trying to butcher a chicken, my respect for butchers and mothers around the world increased ten fold.

~Anyway, after cutting the chicken, we realized that we didn`t have any spices or vegetables to cook the chicken with ._. Andrej called his mum to ask for recipes. She told us to cut the chicken flesh into tiny pieces and fry it in olive oil and salt.



  1. Chicken cut into tiny pieces.
  2. salt.
  3. olive oil.
  4. Peanut butter.
  5. peanuts.

~It wasn`t too hard to do– and it tasted good too! I wanted to try making satay sauce, but after watching a IMAG1717couple of youtube tutorials, I realized that I needed oyster and soya sauce, which I did not have…. What we ended up doing was, using a fork, we scraped peanut butter from the jar, stuck a couple of salted peanuts to it, and stuck a chicken piece to the end– chicken satay skewer! We had our meal with tea and cocoa :3

~Adalbertsteinweg, Aachen, NRW. 2.22pm~


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2 Responses to ~Easy chicken satay skewers

  1. Poor chicken what on earth has it done to be butchered like that? I’m mourning it because It was a good friend of mine. But now that it’s done and cooked, if you don’t mind, I may have a piece of it.

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