~Is wordpress or Instagram more popular?

~I have had my Instagram account for a couple of years now, making my WordPress account comparitively new. I think that WordPress has been around longer though. I used to have a blogger blog before I started using wordpress.

Back to the question : Is wordpress or instagram more popular? In my opinion, it would be instagram. Why? Well :

1. Its platform is easier to use. All we do is post photos with a few words to it, and recieve likes for it.

2. WordPress takes more time to set up and create posts.

3. It´s easier to get followers on Instagram.

4. More people have Instagram, so it is easier to get popular there. Most of my schoolmates and friends have an Instagram, and almost no one I know has a wordpress account.

WordPress does have its advantages too :

1. I do not think there is a wordcount- woohoo for the writers!

2. You can post as many photos as you like in a post- as long as you do not run out of space. We are all given 2gigs of space, I believe.

3. Customise your blog! Although this could be a con to some.

~Anyway, I was wondering : What is your favourite social media platform? O.o Also, I am using a german keyboard right now, and it is like a maze x.x



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~Hey there! Glad we found each other :) Comment-- tell me something about you no one knows!! ;)
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One Response to ~Is wordpress or Instagram more popular?

  1. Even if I’ve never done Instagram I think that is definetly more popular because it’s easy. WordPress on the other hand takes a lot of mental effort to keep it up and follow. Even if it’s not paid is exactly like a journalist’s job more than a hobby and most people are too lazy to do the work that it requires.

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