Doughnut, bubble tea, and rabbit with air dry clay

~Today I had Genetics and Microbiology(MiBi) tutorium– both I missed. Genetics is what I`ve learned in school, and I`ll have one month to study for MiBi before the exam hehe. So, AndreIMAG1890j and I went wandering around Aachen 😀 The photo I recently posted was taken during this trip.

~Bought water filters, kinderfruechttee (tea for babies cause it doesn`t have caffeine and Andrej is allergic to caffeine– yes, such a terrible allergy does exist), Malzkaffee (I thought it has caffeine in it cause of the word `coffee`– The coffee is a LIEEEE!!), and `Last Forever` invisible nail polish for varnishing my clay `charms` (what are they actually called? O.o Is the word `sculptures` more appropriate?)

~After having lunch at two different pommes (french fries) shops, we decided to take a bus back at 1pm. We wanted to go to Geilenkirchen, but after calling Alya, she reminded us that DBIMAG1865 Bahn is on an one week strike…. Also, NEVER BUY FRENCH FRIES AT SNACK EXPRESS! I asked the lady a question, but she knew only Andrej was going to buy fries and not me, so she completely ignored me! She looked at me, I asked the question, and she just turned away and talked to someone else! Urgh! Buy at Pommes Culinair instead– at least they don`t ignore you (we were greeted with sour faces at both shops though :/ ) They`re cheaper too.

~Anyway, when I got back, I had no mood to study– so I sculptured a doughnut, bubble tea, and rabbit with air dry clay!! The first thing I sculptured was the rabbit out of my imagination (There`s a reason why it looks so evil hehe) Then, I decided to `swagbuck` (I use swagbucks search instead of google now) “clay doughnut”. Do you know how many results used POLYMER CLAY instead of AIR DRY CLAY?? Almost all! I then decided to add `air dry` in front of the clay. This link was the link I used to help me out: Make Faux Mini Doughnuts.

~For the bubble tea, I used this youtube video. Yeah, I know- the tutorial uses polymer clay too. I didn`t have much choice though. Most tutorials do. As the lyrics of `The things that stop you dreaming` by The Passengers say, and I quote :

“If you can’t get what you need

You learn to need the things that stop you dreaming.”

~Yeahhhh- anyway, I had air dry clay. Had to stop wishing I had polymer clay anIMAG1896d just be grateful I even had clay I guess. There was also this tutorial I watched– problem is, the tutorial did not only use polymer clay– oh nooo– it used LIQUID polymer clay ._. Both tutorials were good though! That`s why I`m saving them hehe.

~Sushi and noodles clay seem like they`re easy to make. Oh yeah! Also, I signed up at this website called Airbnb to rent out my room for a max of a week to people coming to Aachen for 15 euros per night (since I`m practically living in Andrej`s room anyway) and today I had my first `customer`! Her name is Susanne from Amsterdam, and she`s staying the night 😀 She`s here for a theater show.

~Okay, so I guess I don`t have anything more to say– oh wait! Yesterday, I redeemed my first 5 euros in Paypal form from Swagbucks! 😀 Still waiting for the money to be transferred, but swagbucks really is pretty cool. PS, the Germans don`t

IMAG1907pronounce Paypal as Paypal. Oh nooo. They pronounce it as PayPaul. Like, they`re paying this fellow named Paul. Reminded me of this Family Guy clip

~Man! I miss writing! Why in chocolates name did I even stop? O_o o_O Ah, yes. University. Which reminds me– I should read the online Genetics lecture I missed today. Well then, till next time! Toodles, poodles!

~Adalbertsteinweg, Aachen, NRW, Germany.~

~5/7/2015, 7:45PM~


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