~Everyone loves birthdays!!A room to call my own(for a year at least)

~Throwback to a post I wrote ages ago and saved as a draft, but didn`t post cause I forgot about it….



~`Baby` a.k.a. Riya says hi hehe she looks so cute in this!!

~Well, since yesterday(1/10/2014), I’m officially not homeless anymore! For a year, at least. That’s how long the contract lasts. I’ll tell you about my new crib in another post. Right now, lemmi tell you of my adventures from where I last left off– beginning with the birthday I supposedly missed.

~Since I had an interview on Sat morning with Frau Fuchs (The lady who runs the place I`m staying in now) to see if I`m suited to live in their dormitory, I couldn`t make the midnight birthday party of Kavien annes. At night I informed the rest on the Whatsapp group chat that I wouldn`t be able to make it, and Mint (Abang Syamim) also couldn`t make it for his own personal reasons. So, the entire group decided to delay the birthday party to 7.00 PM in the evening on the … just for us >.< I feel guilty for that, but I think it was a better move. The last time we had a midnight party, we did so little because everyone was sleepy :/

~The interview went pretty good and they showed me the place. The ground floor is the entrance and at the back is the group dining room and staff kitchen. First story is chapel and other stuff. Yeah, lets skip all this stuff. They showed me the room on the fourth floor as an example room, and it looked good. Anyway, after the interview at 10.30 A.M. (It was supposed to be at 10.00 AM. I woke up at 7AM, left Riya`s place at 8AM and thanks to the delays, reached late.) I met Abang Syamim (a.k.a. Mint) and H.O.N at the Bushof at 12PM.


~Only Mint and I left for Krefeld. Thanks, once again, to the delays and road/train constructions, we took almost two hours instead of one hour to reach Krefeld. Talked about random stuff in the train and bus. When we reached Menghofsstrasse at Krefeld, we separated paths– I went to Kak Fida`s place and he went to Kavien annes place. Greeted Kak Fida and asked her if 390Euros for a WG (Wohngemeinschaft / joint residence) is expensive– she said naturally. That got me worried. I didn`t want to pay too much for my place.

~At around four, Asai akka came. I asked her opinion and also Frau Ediths, and all of them said it was pretty expensive. This got me so worried the entire time I was there. I asked my parents though, and they said they were fine with the place– as long as I found a place to live in, they were happy haha. At around five, Kak Fida and Asai akka (and I helped too) make Sarawak Laksa!! Apparently making laksa takes a lot of work– and many steps too. I also saw the cake they bought for Kavien anne for 35Euros. It was a Liverpool cake!! 😀 The only problem with the cake was, that the Liverpool printing started melting… And it wasn`t like the coldness of the fridge was low either– it was at the max! See the cake here.


~Kak Fida, Abang Nabil`s mum (with the spoon in hand) and Darwin anne(helping aunty prepare the Bee Hoon)

~At 7.30PM, we packed all the food and extra bowls and took the S-Bahn to Krefeld Hbh. From there, we walked to Darwin anne and Abang Nabils place. At their place, a few people were already there. Abang Nabil`s mum was there, Kak Fizzy, and Abang Zikri (apparently it was his birthday too!) Kak Fizzy made nasi lemak and Abang Nabil`s mum prepared Bee Hoon, Kuih Bengkang and Sago dessert. Abang Nabil prepared Lemon cake as a cake for Abang Zikri 😀

~Since Mint, Kavien anne and Akhil anne were gonna arrive only at 9.00 PM, everyone decided to eat first (in celebration of Abang Zikri`s b`day first haha) The food was yummy– it was made out of love after all haha. Like the Crabby Patty`s secret formula– love x) Mint and the birthday boy; Kavien anne; arrived at nine. Wished anne happy birthday and Mint gave Abang Nabil the Kuih-kuih (delicious Malaysian desserts) his mom made. My gosh! The kuih was delicious! So was Aunty`s Kuih Bengkang! I



~Abang Nabil carrying the Kuih Abang Syamim`s mum made. Darwin anne at the back x)

~Akhil anne came a little later with the drinks– all fruit juices. Kak Fizzy searched for the fizzy drinks to no avail haha. Another Kak– a senior– came a little later with Korean style fried chicken. She made it herself, of course. Everyone was commenting on how delicious it was. I couldn`t try it because

a) I dislike chicken. And the Blood Type B+ diet forbids the consuming of chicken(?!)

b) It had peanuts in it.

~After eating the Potluck food, it was time for both the birthday boys to cut their cakes! Kavien anne was turning 21 and Abang Zikri was turning 24! Asai akka, Abang Nabil, Darwin anne and I were in the kitchen, lighting the candles on the cakes– this is how I know how old who was becoming haha. Abang Nabil also lit the light on this cute boombox candle. He was gonna make it a tradition to light it on every birthday until the birthday person blew off the candles on their cake. Abang wants to see how long the candle can last x)

~And guess who got to carry the little boombox candle into the living room– that`s right! Yours truly haha xD When everyone saw me coming in behind Asai akka(with Liverpool cake) and Abang(with his lemon cake), they though I had a third cake with me >< We sang the worldwide sang birthday song and both the birthday boys blew the flames off of their candles!


~Kavien anne then attempted at cutting his melting cake– it went well. The first layer was all icing, but the inside layer was awesome! It was like an ice-cream cake and tasted good too. I might have had too much of the cake haha. With PCOS, I was supposed to control, but meh. I even know I had the most slices of the lemon cake hehe. Abang Nabil is an amazing baker, and so his is mum! Oya, Abang runs a super popular blog here. He seems to be on hiatus for now though. But he`s super active on Instagram.

~Anyway, back to the topic. Kavien anne cut the cake and fed everyone in the room a mouth of it. Then it was Abang Zikri`s turn to do the same with the lemon cake. After the feeding and consuming of cake, it was selfie time!!


~Kavien anne and Abang Zikri feeding each other the cakes which they cut 😀


~Abang Nabil`s creation– a self made selfie pod x) All he has to do is press the button on his headphone, and his camera snaps a photo

~Abang Nabil used the Nikon camera to take a group shot of us while we threw balloons into the air. Man, we had to take tons of shots before getting the perfect one without any balloons blocking someones face. Then, we cleaned up the living room (and I ate more cake in the kitchen) and began playing this game called Taboo. Have you ever played it before? It`s pretty interesting and similar to sharades. You pick a card and on the card there is a main-word.

~Below the main-word, there are words describing the main word. Your team mates(each second person) must then guess the word you have. You must describe the main word without using the words below the main word, and when your team mate guesses it correctly, your team gets a point. The two people sitting on your left and right(your opponents team) can see your card to make sure you do not use the sub-words to describe the main word. You have one minute to describe as many words as you can.

~After everyone got bored of taboo, they played Poker. I went to the kitchen to hang out with Aunty(and the cakes) for awhile. Also helped with cleaning up. Then, Akhil anne and Asai akka tried teaching me poker. It wasn`t too bad. Interesting game. Bad at it though when compared to Taboo haha.

~Kak Fida, Asai akka, Akhil anne, Kavien anne, Mint and I left for the bahnhof at around 2+ AM. We took the S-Bahn back and I stayed the night at Kak Fida`s place. Woke up the next morning(Sunday) and chatted with her ^w^ At around 12.30PM, I left for Aachen Schanz. Arrived there and met up with Lisa Kueh! We both went to her room, where I got changed cause the whether was getting too warm for sweaters. Whether in Germany is a fickle minded thing x)

~Met up with H.O.N and Lisa`s junior, and the three of us went out for Super late lunch(tea, practically) at a Grill house. Stopped by at Dewina`s place and met Gyvinne there(she`s bunking with Dewina for a couple of months) Asked them if they wanted to join us for ice-cream. Both were busy. We went for ice-cream. See the photos HERE. Hehe I`m doing so much of self-promoting.

~At night, Lisa and I watched The Sixth Sense. Like, have you seen that movie?? If you haven`t, you can go and die. Haha– just kidding. But seriously, it`s a masterpiece. It`s about this boy who sees ghosts and this child psychiatrist. Story is good. Ending twist is good. Actors are good. Director is good. What more is there to ask for?

~The next morning, I woke up super early (around 7AM) to attend RWTH Orientations Day at the building beside Super C. First off, I had a horrible sleep– it was too cold and my feet were freezing and I kept tossing and turning and barely slept. And no, it wasn`t because of the movie. I slept on Lisa`s sofa. She got the sofa from the road side haha. Such luck. Much happiness.

~Second, the orientation was pretty disappointing. This is just me being honest. I arrived at around 8AM at the entrance to the Orientations building. The students slowly increased around the area until it hit 8.30AM. I saw a few students from Freshman Institute at Geilenkirchen there (z.B. Xin Shen, Misha and many Chinese people) Greeted them. Made friends with a Columbian girl and a girl from India.

~They made us sit through presentations from until around 10AM. Then, they took us to a room where we could sign up for clubs– and man, did the number of clubs make me want to cry! Back in my school, we had at least 20 lame clubs. Here, we had only around 10 ._. And most of them were like, country clubs. As in, a club made by the students from the country you originate from. Strangely, there was no India club(not that I could join). There was a Chinese club, Russian club, Muslim club and even a Columbian club! No Malaysian though…. I didn`t meet a single Malaysian nor a single person studying Biology there 😦

~There were like, only a handful of clubs I could join– INCAS Aachen, ERASMUS, sports(is this even a club), the library(okay. I`m pretty sure its not.). Maybe this was just a few of the introduction clubs? I hope so, anyway. Even INTI had an Anime Club ._.  After collecting a handful of pamphlets and losing both friends I made in the crowd, I found Xin Shen. Talked to her for awhile. Asked Misha what we were supposed to do next– apparently, nothing. That was it. Yup. Done. Orientations day. Vertig.

~It was, like, 11AM. I walked out of the building and was starving. Asked Lisa to join me for lunch and I tried to do this smart ass thing called `walking` all the way back to her place. Got lost somewhere near Kalsgraben. She told me to go into an Asian restaurant there for lunch, and that she`d meet me there, and so that`s what I did.

Waited at the bus stop. Got on a bus and headed to Ponttor. Why?

~Well, I was going to Kolleg Heristal– I was accepted to stay with them! 😀 I went there, and met with Frau Fuchs. She showed me the room she showed me the first time, and I realized that it was pretty small. I asked her if there were any other rooms available, and she showed me the room at the other end– and I sort of fell in love with it haha. I asked her if I could have it, and she said `Ja.` Then, she stuck a sticky note beside the door with my name on it– spelt `Resma`.

~Feeling happy that I wasn`t homeless anymore, the two of us went to the lobby. She gave me documents to sign and explained a couple of rules to me. I couldn`t have guests past 11.30PM was the only one that bugged me. Oh well. After bidding her farewell, I decided to be a smartass and try to walk back to Lisa`s place. I made it all the way to Sparkasse, when I remembered that my mum wanted me to open a new bank account. A non-blocked one.

~So, I detoured and walked into the Sparkasse next to Studentenwerk Aachen. Inside, I was greeted by a lady, who assigned this beautiful lady to help me make a new bank account. And man, did the beauty suit the lady. She was so sweet to me as well! She even allowed me to open a bank account with just my home contract(I still hadn`t registered in Aachen state as a citizen yet) She made me a Pool account(only for students) and told me to visit her as soon as I got my citizenship and if I had any problems ^w^

~When I left Sparkasse, it was beginning to drizzle. Caught a bus to Lisa`s place instead of trying to be a hero and walk. Reached her place before three. She was playing Sims 4 when I entered. Looked identical to Sims 2 :/ Both of us left to Kaufland. It was super near her place– like five minutes away. At Kaufland, we tried looking for ingredients to make the Kuih Bengkang. After she stared at the recipe for awhile, she decided to get an instant cupcake mix instead. x)


~Lisa carrying the liquefied icing

~When we got back, we got to baking! The recipe called for, like, tons of oil. We refused to follow it! We were gonna have a healthy batch of cupcakes! And so, what we did was, we added only 1/3 amount of the oil needed, and replaced the rest with water…. >_<” We dumped the cupcake mixture per scoop into the twelve cupcake cups. Then dumped the extra as a second round into the cupcake cups. Then, we baked it. As I was mixing the too thick cupcake mixture earlier, Lisa mixed the icing. Problem was, she didn`t add in one tablespoon of water into the icing– she added one cup. So, yeah. It was like green water instead of thick green goo.

~You can see more of the muffin images HERE. I`m just trying to conserve WordPress uploading space, okay? Stop cursing haha. We called H.O.N and Lisa`s junior to try the muffins. One senior said it wasn`t sweet enough- the junior said it was too sweet :/

“Everyone`s a critic.” Squidward.

~The junior hung around Lisa`s room, and killed one of those large ass mosquitoes you find in Germany. Lisa handed me a box filled with one day to expiring gutschines. Later, the three of us watched The Prestige– another masterpiece of a movie. No bad, no good. Just two magicians, competing against each other. Hehe there`s even Nicola Tesla in it.

~Lisa woke up early the next morning and left without making too much noise. Guess I was too tired to wake up to her sounds. Got up at around 9AM and got ready to go to the Rathaus to register myself in Aachen city! First, I stopped at Super C though. Had a couple of questions to ask. Also decided to get a coffee at the Super C cafeteria. I cry. I cry for the size of the coffee and its price. I can get double the amount of that coffee from the Bahnhof `Coffee to go` for only 1.50 Euros…. I wish they fixed the price of `Coffee to go`s in every shop.

Then, the Rathaus! I arrived at the Rathaus at around 10.20AM and took a number. I was number 174. The number on the board was like, 104. I had an hour to wait. Place was packed. Heck. I walked out.

~The night before, Lisa`s junior thought me how to use the app to scan codes– thank God. I was using it to scan the Gutschines. Now, I used it to scan my waiting number. I went to the Hauptbahnhof and read Koneko and other magazines inside. Time passed. Eventually, it was my turn. I went and registered myself; it took bloody 10 mins to do that.

You can get so confused
that you’ll start in to race
down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace
and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,
headed, I fear, toward a most useless place.
The Waiting Place…

…for people just waiting.
Waiting for a train to go
or a bus to come, or a plane to go
or the mail to come, or the rain to go
or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow
or waiting around for a Yes or a No
or waiting for their hair to grow.
Everyone is just waiting. –Dr.Seuss

Lochnerstrasse. Walked back to Lisa`s place at Vossen through the park

~Well, she didn`t have many eggs in her kitchen, and I was hungry. She was only coming back at 2PM. So, I used my legs for what they made for, and walked. Walked to Kaufland and bought myself some eggs, cottage cheese and Dark Chocolate. Oooo!! Have you tried Sarotti`s dark chocolate? I know Lindt sells 90% and 99% dark chocolate. Sarotti was the only brand other than Lindt to sell dark chocolate that had a % of higher than 84%! They had 85% dark chocolate for half the price of Lindt`s 85% dark chocolate, and for the same amount! (100g)

~Walked back and made myself cottage cheese with broken bits of dark chocolate in it. Boiled eggs. Ate. Surfed the net on my phone. Lisa came back.


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