~A Kolleg Heristal review, and Sushi at Ozaki`s

Endlich out of heristal!!

~I wont say that my time there was hell or anything– Im just glad Im finally getting my freedom to live the way I want to– without rules or regulations to tie me down! Now I can eat when I want and what I want, come home without having to inform tons of people before leave, don`t have `kuchendienst`– life is good 😀


~I`m living in an apartment that`s ca. 20m^2 and I have my own kitchen! 😀 I have to share the bathroom with two other girls and a boy, but I`ve not really used it since Andrej lives right under me xD My room is at the fourth floor(highest floor) and his is at the third floor– I practically live in his room instead of mine. It`s much bigger and has a private toilet and kitchen (btw, we`re dating– have I told you we`re dating? O.o Three months+ now. Began on 30Jan. He asked me after we watched Wrack-it Ralph 🙂 )
~I`m in his room now too. Went to have sushi at Ozaki Aachen today! WOke up at ca. 7am, took a bus to vaals with Andrej(Ak for short– Andrej Kosse) bought 10chicken beinen for 5euros(you can also get 4 whole  chickens for 5euros. I love the Tuesday markt~~) lemons, and mushrooms. Came back, dumped the food in the fridge, and took a bus to bushof to meet Alya!IMAG1843
~Ak, Alya and I made it to the 6th round today!! 😀 Ozaki has a sushi-buffet system. You can order 10 rounds, each round 5 dishes. Thing is, they raised their prices 😦 Now it`s 13.90euros for lunch, when it used to be 11euros something, if I remember correctly 😦 ) Anyway, the food is still good 🙂 Felt like I ran for the olympics after that– only worse. I was sooo full I had to walk hunched-back cause it hurt when I stood up straight…. I think it was the water that did it– that made it hurt. Cause I IMAG1842was fine till I drank my damn water– then I ended up lying on the bed…. Alya had the same problem too, and Ak. Butttt, now Ozaki offers ice-cream at the end of our meal! All three of us took green-tea ice-cream xD
~Okay, so if any poor soul out there thinks of renting a place at Heristals, I`d advice you to think again. There`s a reason why Franziska left earlier than I did.
  1. Crazy expensive rent. 390 euros per month. My new pad now costs only 210 euros per month– electricity, heating, water, fire, etc, included in the cost.
  2. You`ve got rules everywhere, man! Be on time for food. Eat with people. Everyone smiles this plastic smile– it`s so fake, and they know it. Yet they love it. Force a smile back at them, and they`re your friend. Keep a stern face, and you`re an enemy….
  3. It`s a hierarchy in there— the old ones get to choose and move around the eating times to favor them. You have to just stick with what they like. No more food on the table for breakfast? Sorry, you starve. 6 euros down the drain (PS. Alya calculated that each meal there– including b`fast– comes to ca. 6 euros)
  4. THERE ARE NO BOYS ALLOWED— unless they`re the pope or priest or a handyman. Like, wtf?? How are we supposed to mix?
  5. It`s like a nunnery-– the frau`s there (frau`s is what we call the old people in Heristal. Around 7 old people, and 7 of us youngsters) are nuns; I can feel it in my boneeeeessss.
  6. You have no key. Your room only locks from the inside, and sometimes, when you`re not there, the Frau`s go in. We know.
  7. The Frau`s always— ALWAYS– know where you are and if you`re not back yet.
  8. No food is allowed in your room. Mannnn, during exams, I need to snack!
  9. NO INTERNET IN YOUR OWN ROOM. This has suicide written all over it.
  10. Be back before 11pm— or not, make sure the whole house knows you`re gone– someone has to open that key-less door for you. You have no privacy.
  11. You live in front of Pontstr. It may be a bonus– or a minus. You get drunkards right in front of your doorstep.
  12. ~#goodmorning #instaworld 😸🌞 #throwback yesterday, when Alya helped me move some of my stuff to my new place– finally moving out of böse Kolleg Heristal!! 😺😺I have more than 50 reasons why you should never live there(no boys allowed, be home by 11, no keys of your own, no food in your room, crazy-expensive rent, etc.) but I'll list them on another post. This post shall be happy. Lindt chocobunnies 🐇🍫prize crazily reduced!! One 100g haselnut chocobunny costs only 50cents~~ Alya, Andrej n I made Молочный суп🍜🍲 yesterday!! (Nika's recipeee) It's a #delicious #russian #sweet dish. The #recipe : 😋🍴 1. Two cups #spaghetti. 2. Two cups water. 3. Two cups #milk. 4. A pinch of salt. 5. 1/3 cup of sugar. Method: Pour the water and milk in a pot and wait till it boils. Add sugar, salt and spaghetti. Cook until the liquid amount is 1/2 from the beginning amount. Serveee!! 😋😋 #yummy #food

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~Okay, it`s 11pm here and OH! I`ve changed my sleeping schedule! Nowadays, I sleep at around 10+ pm. So, right now I`m falling asleep on my keyboard. Just. Message or comment on this post if you want to know more about heristal 🙂IMAG1837
~I played with clay for around an hour today evening ._. Bought tons of clay from aktion (I`m bored okay. Have too much time) I`ve lost my skills in clay work man! It`s gone downnnn the wabbit-hole! I think I`m also losing my writing touch >_< Right now, the most active site I`m at is Instagram, and that ain`t helping me improve anythin…. 
~ANywayyy, to get back on track– my life has been going on pretty good. I`ve completed semester 1 of Biology in RWTH without failing any subjects! 😀 I have a new place to live in. I have a sweet non-drinking, non-smoking, non-football-loving boyfriend~~ I`m taking Russian language as an extra credit subject(4cp) and joined Project Leonardo (sth to do with Brazil) for 2cp.
~Met up with Alya, Riya, Nika and Zoe, this 2nd of May. Yesterday was the 4th of May(May the fourth be with you` jokes everywhere) Went to Maastricht on the 1st of May. Traveled to Italy with Pm2Am trips on the 2nd till the 6th of April (interesting new experience– in the bus for ca.10hours) Trip was fun. Dangggg– I`m just writing a timeline going back in time :/ Well, till my next post (who knows when that`ll be xD) and nanites world and all who inhabit it!! ❤
~~Adalbertsteinweg 132, Aachen, NRW.~~
~~11PM, 5/5/2015~~

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