~”Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.” -The Imitation Game.

~Yesterday I watched The Imitation Game, and after a long time, I cried for a movie. wait! Before you read on, this post contains SPOILERS for the movie!! Be aware and run along to another post if you haven`t already seen the movie 🙂 You should though– it`s awesome!!

~So, the movie is a biography of Alan Turing, one of the people who aided in the creation of our lovely computers. First reason why I loved the movie: Benedict Cumberbatch! He was the main character(a.k.a. Alan Turing) and he played the character so well x.x

~Second reason, Joan Clarke played by Keira Knightley— one of the rare few female characters I didn`t hate! Movies that make the girl characters weak or always in love make me barf. Joan was a strong, intelligent woman– another plus for the movie! Btw, the dude acting Tywin Lannister was also in the movie.

~Third: It was a movie that required thinking. Hey, it`s quite difficult to come along such movies nowadays. Plus, I learned a little history and about Enigma and googled to know more about the people involved in making our computers what they are today– awesome!

~Fourth reason would be the love Alan had for Christopher. At the ending, when he didn`t want to be taken away from Christopher(the machine) I shed baby tears 😥 It was bad enough as it was that he had to lose the real Christopher, and now they wanted to take away the machine too! I`d die if anyone tried to take my laptop away from me O_o

~Fifth would be the cool quotes from the movie 😀 I like quotes and this movie had quite a number of motivational ones. 572fd-untitled

~Okay then, I`ll leave this post here, as I wanna go and read Master and Margarita. (The book was a Christmas present to me from Nika(a.k.a. Veronika)~~ Till next time! And how did you find the movie?

28/3/15 – Saturday. Ponttor, Aachen.


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