~Step back in time

~Okay, since my last post was on the 30th of Dec and my last `proper` post was on Oct, let me update you on the few months of missing news. On Oct 13, the actual beginning of my first semester in Biology began. The beginning weeks were light, but as the lessons went on, we had more classes added into our timetables(Tutorials, ubungenstunde, Practicals). Life became hectic. I tried searching for part time jobs, and only worked for one day in Nobis as a cleaner(it sucked) before I quit.

~We had lectures, practice hours and discussion classes for each subject. 4 Subjects– Bau der Organismen1 Tiere(BdO), Biologie der Zelle(BdZ), Anorganic Chemie and Maths. And BdO and Chemie also had practical classes…. I was tired and bored. But during one of my BdZ Vorlesungs, I met a guy named Andrej.(around Nov I believe) My Erstigroup was nice, but everyone spoke german too quickly and found it easier to communicate among themselves. I felt like a burden 😦 I also weIMG_0242nt to my first party last year with two members from my Erstigroup(check out my instagram 😉 )

~Andrej and I spoke only once, then weeks passed by. We spoke again some time after that. Went to watch Interstellar in the cinemas together. Started studying together and also watched GoT. We became close. First semester ended on the 7th of February. Our first exam was chemistry on the 30th of Feb. On the night after that exam(which pissed me off a lot) he told me he liked me. And so we began to date– he`s half German and half Russian. It feels to me like I attract Russian people. They`re awesome, so why not? Veronika`s awesome and so is he 🙂

~Our next exam was BdO, which went quite well. BdZ too. Maths just sucked. And the amazing part is the speed at which our teachers marked our papers! Most of the papers took less than 3 days to be marked and announced! I scored a 3,0 for Chemie, 2,3 for BdO, 2,0 for BdZ and 3,3 for Maths. In Germany, their marking system is funny– 1,0 is the highest you can score, and anything more than 4,0 is a fail(usually 50%) x_x

~Went to turkey with a couple of Malaysian buddies(Asai, Fida, Chocka, Shasin, Ashiq, and Riyaz anne) It was an awesome trip that lasted 9 days– and I saw snow fall for the first time in Cappadocia!! Once again, photos in instagram hehe.

~Chemie Practical ended on the 5th of March, marking the beginning of my sem break. Went to Amsterdam with Andrej and a couple of other places in NRW, visited Veronika and Zoe, watched tons of series. Currently following How to get away with Murder with Alya and The Walking Dead with Andrej. Completed an anime with Alya called Mekakucity actors– it was so-so. Following Death Parade anime.

~Gonna go to Italy on the 2nd of April till the 6th. Next semester begins on the 7th of April. I wonder if I`ll make more friends.

~So, what have you been doing for the holidays?


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