~Kolleg Heristal

Kolleg Heristal.

~The first thing to do to get a room here is to print and fill in this form. I did it. I still can`t believe I actually made all of that effort. Worth it, though.

~I moved into Kolleg Heristal on the first of October(2014) and am officially no more homeless! At first, I was super reluctant to move in. Why? Practically everyone I asked said the rent was too high. 390 Euros at Ponttor (one of the busiest streets in Aachen) with breakfast and one main meal of your choice. I thought it was good– but everyone else didn`t… They said I could find a Wohnung (Apartment) for only around 200-300 Euros in Aachen. And that if I was going to pay 390Euros, then I should at least have my own toilet and kitchen.

~All the same, I went for the interview cause it`s been so freaking difficult to find for an apartment in Aachen.  The other places I saw were all also around 300-400 Euros, so why not give this a try? When I arrived at Pontstr. I was lost. Like, literally lost. I searched for the Kolleg and passed it without realizing and even passed the church, before noticing that I had passed the address. I even rang the doorbell of this large building, then ran when I realized it was the wrong building hehe. Tracing my steps back, I found the door. It`s a small white door with red rimming, and beside it there was a plaque with the words `Kolleg Heristal. Pontstr. 152` on it. I rang the bell.


~The living room(2nd floor)

~When I was buzzed in, I realized there was no keyhole. A lady named Frau Fuchs greeted me, and we talked. Then, she showed me the place– and I fell in love with it! She also told me that students were not given keys, but had to ring the doorbell when they wanted to enter.

~Kolleg Heristal has two study rooms(one above the 4th floor and the other in the 2nd floor) and a library. A living room with a television. A kitchen and dining area for the cooks and community, and another huge kitchen on the second floor with a dining area for the students. There`s like, around five stories. Keller is the dining area and garage, and the next floor is the guest-receiving floor. Then comes floor one. There`s a chapel and office there. Floor two is the social floor with the kitchen and other rooms. Floor three and four are the living quarters. They even have a lift! The room they showed me was at the fourth floor. Not too large, but okay.


~The first study area(2nd floor)

~I had another appointment with Frau Fuchs after that day. The next appointment was to be with her and a friend of hers. I had the interview, and after it, went back and asked more peoples opinions and made appointments to see other apartments. More people discouraged me about Kolleg Heristal. I became more nervous.

~Then, I consulted the most important people of all– my parents. The ones who were to fund my rental haha. They said go for it– and I love them for that! ❤ After a week and more (from the 21th till 28th Oct) of stress and worrying and bunking in other peoples places, my mind was finally at rest. I had a place of my own.

~On the evening of the first, I moved in. I didn`t take the room I was shown though– I picked the room opposite to it because it was larger. I even have the view of this restaurant in Aachen on a hill that spins around and a kindergarten and restaurant. The scenery is simply wonderful haha 🙂 The room has a bed, three blankets, a large cupboard, a second, smaller cupboard, another shelf-cupboard, a shelf, a desk, a bedside table, two table lamps, a dustbin and curtains.


~The library (2nd floor)

~Breakfast on weekdays are from 7.30AM till 8.30AM, and on weekdays it starts and ends a little later. I can choose either lunch or dinner each day, since I signed up for only half boarding. The prices are like this:

Einzelzimmer ohne Bad mit Halbpension: 390 € mtl.
Einzelzimmer ohne Bad mit Vollpension: 440 € mtl.
Einzelzimmer mit Bad mit Halbpension: 410 € mtl.
Einzelzimmer mit Bad mit Vollpension: 460 € mtl.

Die o.g. Preise enthalten außerdem folgende Leistungen:

Wasser, Strom, Heizung
Service Housekeeping / Hauswäsche
Mitbenutzung der Gemeinschaftsräume
Nutzung des Internets

~I`m renting the 390 Euro one. I wanted to rent the 410 Euro room that comes with your own bathroom, but I think all were already rented out T_T Schade.


~Our kitchen ^w^ (2nd floor)


~Laundry room(2nd floor)

~Anyway, all I can say is: If you`re a girl and looking for a place to stay, try your luck at sending in an application form for an interview– who knows? We might be housemates haha. But you have to pass the interviews though, and I think all the rooms are already filled for this year. It`s a one year, two semesters, contract that I had to sign. Also, we have unlimited usage of the printer, etc for 40 Euros per semester.

~This is my simple review of this place after living in it for three days. It`s cozy, the people are friendly, the food is marvelous. Maybe it`s a little expensive (I dunno much about pricing in Aachen after all), but I`m enjoying it 🙂 Oh! Also, the internet is strongest at the second floor(4/4). From my room at the fourth story, I get a 2 out of 4 signal. But from Tilly`s room, she doesn`t get an internet connection.

~Tilly`s a housemate who is also living on the fourth floor with me. Currently, there`s three of us– as students– living in Heristal. Tilly Zhao (from China), Montse Hoyos (from Mexico) and me (from Malaysia). Montse is paying for a room with bathroom and three meals per day (460 Euro package) and stays on the third floor.

~My room :D (4th floor)

~My room 😀 (4th floor)

~I`ve got to go now. I have a blister on my right hand thumb, a cut on my left hand index finger, and am having fever… I dunno man. I just– I dunno why these sort of things all have to happen at one go. I`m gonna go tuck myself under blankets soon. Today was `Tag der deutschen Einheit`, so no shops were working. All the doctors are at some beach, sipping Pina Colada`s, while I sit here with an aching body. I woke up at 7.30AM for breakfast to find that, since it was a holiday, breakfast was at 9AM. Skyped with amma and chinema. After lunch (see the photo HERE), I went to sleep from 2 PM till 6 PM. Woke up and skyped with Zoe. Now, skyping with Monisha akka while writing this. Urgh, I`m heavy headed…

~Yesterday, I woke up and had breakfast. Wrote a little, then had lunch. Photo HERE. This was only the vorspeis (starter). Looks awesome, doesn`t it? Hehe. That`s why I like eating here. And, we eat together, just like a family ^w^ Met with Frau Edith and Zoe at 2 PM and went to Frau Edith`s place. Had cakes and tea THERE. Frau Edith kept some of my stuff with her when I went back to Msia, so she gave them back to me. Drove to drop me at Kolleg Heristal, and I showed her and Zoe around– they were amazed! 😀 They really liked the place too! At first, they too said it was too expensive, but after seeing the place, they said it was worth it haha.

~My room again(4th floor)

~My room again(4th floor)

~At night yesterday, Tilly helped me activate my account in the RWTH website. Talked to her for a bit. Listened to songs by Reinhard Mey (suggested by Frau Edith). Tried sleeping at one. There was a party going on somewhere– barely audible, but happening. Turned on the light before going to the toilet at 4 AM, only to find these freaky hand prints on my window! Made my heart skip a beat. Caused me to sleep with my desk lamp turned on. Woke up at 7.30 AM to the 9 AM breakfast– I`m just repeating myself now NSREA. Well, good night, then. TTFN.

3/10/2014 – Friday.

Kolleg Heristal. Pontstr. 152. Living room. – 11.20 PM.


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