~Trip back to Deutschland


~Hello, world!! ^w^ So, I left for Germany on the 20th of September, with a midnight flight πŸ™‚ My mum, amuma, Nar, SV and Prahsanth anne came to send me off at the airport. Man, I miss them(And Malaysian weather) T_T From Penang I took a flight that was around 45minutes to Kuala Lumpur(KL). On that flight, I saw a lady sitting on the other side on my same row. Later, when we got off the flight at KL and had to clear immigration, I tailed her. Eventually, I worked up the courage to ask her where she was going. She smiled at me and said Australia. She`a a nurse working in Melbourne and was on vacation at Penang (and Langkawi ^^) As we talked, she stopped to exchange contacts with me. Her name is Rita Attard and she gave me her email address! I should send her an email soon to keep in touch with her πŸ™‚


~After clearing immigration, we parted ways as we both had different gates to different places to head off to. Then, I found my way and got onto the flight to Germany. I was flying one of the many MH`s hehe. As I located my seat, I saw that the lady th that was to sit beside me was Malaysian! What a pleasant surprise– considering that the people sitting beside, in front and behind me were all Germans. She was glad about it too. We sat in row 36 I believe– super near the toilet. She sat at the window seat, and I at the isle seat. Then, she began talking to me like she and I were old buddies!

~She told me to call her Aunty Nora– for she was almost 60, you see. And I had only just turned 19. She wore a checked shirt, had thick black hair with gray strands revealing her age that was tied up into a bun and was a little on the plump side. And she began telling me about her life. She had worked in the airport with Airasia before. So did her husband– from one year after Airasia began. He was a German, and she has three daughters(two which I meet, but later on in the story). She and him broke up after 17 years, even though they still keep in contact. Weird, isn`t it? Just getting a divorce after being together for so long.

~She was returning from Malaysia from her fathers funeral, and she was sad about it. She was the eldest daughter in her family, and her daughter which I didn`t meet was married to a Malaysian(some Dato, making her a Datin) and living in Malaysia. She talked of many stuff– from haunted hotels in Malaysia(which, surprisingly, Germany doesn`t have cause they probably don`t believe in ghosts to actually have any ghosts or some crap) to her being super thirsty from eating KFC earlier. When they served us water, she drank 3 cups of orange and 2 cups of water haha. This just goes to show how unhealthy KFC is…


~The view of Penang at night

~Our flight was delayed because of bad weather conditions(the pilot was requesting for a new route). We were supposed to depart at around twelve in the morning, but only did so at past one. I was very sleepy by then, but both the lady and I could not fall asleep, as the lights in the cabin shone bight like diamonds ._. So, she talked. And, as time passed, we eventually took off. I slept. She slept. Soon, they served food. I posted the food they served here. (It`s my food blog hehe). The food was good, but since I have PCOS, I avoided the rice and ate the rest. (Including the mango cheese pudding cause it was too delicious to resist) They gave us our snack box after dinner.(I think that was dinner– time-zone-changing confuses me)

~Watched Godzilla half way before I got bored of it. Watched two episodes of Modern Family(that was all of the episodes they had of that series) Checked out an episode of `Always sunny in Philedelphia` about the sister becoming a comedian– the show was so-so. Didn`t really find it funny. Wanted to watch `Almost Human` but it wasn`t on the list T_T Slept again. Woke up to eat again– this time, breakfast. They had two choices(as per usual)– Nasi lemak or omelette with potatoes. Having PCOS made me pick the omelette. It was… interesting? The omelette was rectanglish shaped haha. Stole their plastic cup by hiding it in my pink bag. Also stole a couple of butters and jams and bread cause I didn`t feel like eating them.


~There was around two more hours before we reached Frankfurt, so I decided to watch another movie. Scrolling through movie lists, there was a movie that caught my attention– One Third (It`s a 2014 Japanese movie). I think it`s a Japanese movie– could be Chinese or Korean too. It`s about gangsters and a bank robbery and these three dudes and it`s just plain awesome. Watch it. One of the characters is even inspired by Quentin Tarantino flims!! ❀ And the beginning just gets you hooked to it. You wanna know what the dumb part was? Do you?

~I still haven`t watched it till the ending… Why? Almost to the end, the plane decides to land, that`s why! So, yeah. As we land, Aunty Nora tells me to wait, and that we can leave after most of the passengers have left. Why? To steal the airplanes blankets haha. Sadly, I didn`t get to steal any blankets– I wasn`t brave, sneaky and fast enough *sigh* the amount of people leaving the plane was plenty though. Had to wait for quite awhile. They left through the back entrance cause we had to take a bus to the airport.
~At the airport, Aunty Nora told me to follow her, as she`d help me find my luggage which I sent through flight and also help me clear immigration. Dang, the immigration line was long. But moving fast, thank goodness! And, as we were waiting in line, I was Aunty Nora`s first daughter πŸ™‚ She waved at Aunty from the immigration entrance at the other side– she was working with the airlines, you see.


~As I cleared immigration, same as last time when I cleared immigration to go to Malaysia, the german-immigration-dude stroked up a conversation in German with me when they found out I was a student. Just speak to me in English already x) After both Aunty Nora and I cleared immigration, she was talking to her daughter. SHe told me to go collect my luggage first, so I did. It was quick– the moment I arrived at the belt, my bag was there, and I grabbed it and dragged it to Aunty. Now, she was with two ladys. She introduced them both to me as her daughters. The taller one with freckles was married, and Aunty Nora had bought for her son maggi packets! πŸ˜€ We said farewell to her daughter who worked with the airport cause that daughter had to get back to work.

~I talked to the tall, freckled daughter– sheΒ was super friendly and spoke malay! Both her daughters did πŸ˜€ Now, since our wonderful plane was delayed thanks to the weather, we arrived only on the 21st of Sept at 8.00AM at Frankfurt. My bloody train ticket (ICE) to Duisburg Hbh was also at 8.00 AM. Thus, I missed my train the moment we touched down at Frankfurt. Following Aunty Nora and her daughter, we went from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 by sky train. I had to get to Frankfurt (Main) Hbh from the airplane terminal. However, when we arrived there, the train lady said I had to pay extra for a new freaking ticket! Even if it wasn`t my fault! I had to pay extra 45+ Euros for IC and RB trains, on top of the 29 Euros I had originally paid for my ICE ticket for one train, without `umsteigens`, all the way back to freanking Duisburg. I even had to umsteigen! I was mad at this information– so mad. And no, not `only` at DB, but mainly at Airasia!

~I was told that they would compensate, but I don`t know how they`re supposed to do that *sigh* Aunty Nora told me that she heard that by 2015, Airasia won`t have any more flights to Germany. Good. I`m angry at them anyway. Also, I`d like to take this time out to thank Aunty Nora and her daughter sooo much for helping me! The both of them helped me tons in finding my terminal and finding a ticket counter and asking around for info on my delayed train. Bless their souls! πŸ˜€ These kind of people remind me that angels still exist ^^

~I got onto the train and Whatsapped(WA) the `Gamers on the Whatsapp`, formally known as `Assholes on the Whatsapp`, that I was about to arrive only at 1.00+ PM instead of the originally planned 11.15 AM. I walked around the IC train, and bought myself a coffee and a water bottle. Coffee was 2.80 Euros, BUT the bottle of water was 2.90 Euros(?!) And don`t get me started on coke prices. I`m serious– we really do live in an era where coke is cheaper than bloody Skyjuice. Guess someone wants us dead ._.


~The trip to Duisburg was quiet. When I arrived at Gleis 11(if I recall correctly), my phone battery decided to die on me. It lasted long enough for Zoe to call me and tell me that they were already waiting for me at the Bahnhof, though. I went down into the Bahnhof and looked for them. Then, I saw a girl with short, curly orange hair and a girl with long black hair tied into a pony tail– Nika and Riya!! I was so happy to see them– or their backs haha. I ran to them and gave them a shock! ^w^ We exchanged hugs and pleasantries, and Nika gave me a cute blue shirt as my B`day Present and Riya gave me a German baking book haha. They told me that ZOe went to look for me, and WA Zoe to come meet us. Zoe got me self-made candy from Candy Lab and a cute bag to go with it!

~Taking my luggage from me, Nika led us the way to her Wohnung(Apartment). We went down to take the U-Bahn, then had to walk a bit before reaching her home. There, her mum and dad were inside. We greeted them, and they left to go walking together. It was just the four of us inside. Nika was renting a Wohnung with two rooms(one for bedroom and another as living/kitchen room) and a toilet. But it was unfurnished, so her parents were staying with her to help her furnish it. She sent us photos today of her wohnung– now furnished and awesome looking!

~Anyway, I transferred a couple of clothes to my Laptop bag and Nika lent me her old Freshman Institute(all of us have them) sling bag for me to add in more clothes. She also lent me her blanket so that I wouldn`t freeze in Riya`s place at Juelich ^w^ She`s such a lovely person ❀ Then, we took selfies!! Welcome back selfie, as I call it. I gave the three of them souvenir notebooks from Penang, Msia πŸ™‚ Gave Nika a Hamlet storybook as well. It was already three plus, so we decided to go get lunch.

~We walked to the bahnhof this time, instead of using the U-Bahn. There, we went into this Trinket shop, where I fell in love with this earring set, and bought them for around 6 euros hehe. I still havem`t given Nika her B`day present >-< It`s with me right now, at Riya`s place. The four of us headed off to McD to eat.


~After that, I had to buy a ticket from there to Juelich– oh, the joy *rolls eyes* we queued up at the ticket booth, and when it was my turn, I asked the lady for the cheapest ticket I could get to travel there. She sold me the schoenereise ticket– travel for 2 hours anywhere for 17,80 Euros. Not bad, comparing that a normal train ticket from Duisburg to Juelich costed around 25Euros.

~As we parted, we hugged and said our farewells. I got on the train with Riya, and our ride began. It was a boring ride, but we did a lot of talking to kill the boredom and make it standable. I had to take this funny train with Riya from Dueren to Juelich-Nord. Riya says this funny train stops operating at 10.30 PM in the night >.< Wow, lets just take that social life and throw it down the drain.

~Riya took me to her WG (Wohngemeinshaft) and it was pretty big! She stays in a house shared with the landlord and two other renters. One of them is Bernice Dauda (Bernieee!! Zoe`s ex-roommate from GK) and the other girl I have yet to meet haha. I haven`t even met the land-mistress actually. The house has four stories (I still haven`t been to the ground story) and Riya, Bernice and the other girls rooms are on the second floor. First floor is the kitchen and living room. Garden too– and my, what an awesome garden it is! Third floor is the land-mistress`es room, and no one has gone there yet x)


~Bernice (left) and Riya OwO

~We slept. The next day (22.09.2014), Riya and I left for Aachen in the morning. There, we went to Super C to enquire about me studying Biologie at RWTH Aachen. The lady at the international office at floor 5 accepted my letter and told me to go online and take the self assessment test. Then, send her the results through email. Only after doing that could I continue with the bank money transaction. Thanking her, Riya and I left Super C. We had our brunch at the cafeteria below– no photos, sadly 😦 Forgot to snap them. Took the train back to Dueren, and from there, got onto the funny train back.

~We reached her place at 1 PM. Saw Bernice in the kitchen having lunch, and we talked. Took photos of them hehe. They left at 1.30 PM to Juelich Fachhochschule for a meeting. During that time, I began that Self Assessment thing. Man, it was a dang long self assessment thing. Boring, too, after awhile. Half assed it during the middle, and feel bad for doing so now .__. Sent her (Frau Janine) the results through email, then went out with Riya to explore Juelich!! ^^


~She took me to Juelich City– larger than GK, that`s for sure. We went to C&A and I bought this hoodie which I found was really cute πŸ™‚ It has a doggy face in the front. We walked some more and all. Later, we walked to Real. Bought Cottage Cheese, Gouda, Dark Chocolate, vodka(hehe), etc before they announced that it was a Fierentag and that they were gonna close early(8.00 PM). When we got back, Riya and I invited Bernice to come join us. We were gonna watch a movie as we indulged in cheese, chocolate and vodka. Chose `The Grand Budapest Hotel` to watch, but halfway through the movie I was too drunk to continue hehe. Riya herself was yawning away, so the two of us hit the hay.

~On the 23rd, Riya once again had class in the afternoon. But since she was free in the morning, the both of us woke up and had breakfast in the garden. It was nice and warm πŸ™‚ I couldn`t send the money to RWTH yet because the lady had not replied to my email. She seems to enjoy taking her time. Finally, she said I could send the money in the evening once she checks my documents. In the afternoon, Riya and I walked to the city again. We saw the place and all. Had tea at Oebel and dinner at Liebervoll. Liebervoll`s food was yummy ^w^ I didn`t transfer the bank money to RWTH on that day cause the lady didn`t reply my email at night T_T

~The next day(24th) Riya and I left for Juelich City in the morning. On the way there, we stopped at a phone shop and I asked the man there if he could print for me four papers (the registration papers for Kolleg Heristal) The guy printed them out for me for free πŸ™‚

The world isn`t as bad as you think.” -Celty Sturluson.

~At the bank, I realized that I forgot to bring my bank details paper to transfer the money to RWTH… I had to ask Bernice to send me a photo of it (Bless Bernice) and then fill in the money transfer details. I transferred the money right before the bank closed for lunch break hehe. We went back to the house, and Riya and Bernice left for college. I filled out the Heristal form and tried to organize my appointments for later that evening.

~At four, they returned with Tulu with them πŸ˜€ Tulu told us that if we hurried, we could catch the Schnellbus (SB11) to Aachen Bushof. This was the first time I`ve heard of the bus, and asked how much. 5.30Euros! Much cheaper than the train! Said okay and the three of us ended up taking the bus to Aachen. At Aachen, my first appointment was at 18.00Uhr. The other two were at 19Uhr (yeah, genius. Idk how I even plan things) So, I called one of the 19uhr appointments and shifted it to 17.30uhr. The appointment was with this guy named Peter Weiss. Apartment was cool– located in the central, two rooms, kitchen and bathroom for 500Euros warmmeter. Problem was, that it had no furnishing and that I didn`t know it came with Provision costs x)


~Next, Riya and I took a bus to some area that was 20+ minutes away from the central. The room was furnished, but small and it was someones Wohnung that I had to share. Costed 350Euros. I didn`t like its distance from RWTH. Thanked the lady and we left back for Aachen. Last termin was at 19Uhr at Bendstrasse 19. This place was nice and had two rooms as well, a kitchen and bathroom. 450Euros. Free from 1.11.2014 though. I didn`t mind it, and Alya said she`d like to share a wohnung with me. Half that cost was fine with me. Problem is, there were many other applicants as well T.T Riya and I had dinner at Kebabhaus am Bahnhof. I had tuna salad, and man was the plate large. Managed to finish it though ^w^ Took the train back home and slept like a baby.

~Today(but since it`s passed midnight), I went to Aachen alone. Riya had class with Bernice at 8.30 AM, so I woke up when they left and had my bath. At 10.00 AM, I left the house with my documents to register for Kolleg Heristal and walked to the bus stop. The bus arrived at 10.18 AM. Sad part was that as the bus I was in reached Juelich ZOB/(Bus), the bus I was supposed to take to Aachen took off. It went two minutes ahead of schedule! Anyway, I checked for the next option– the funny train. Took the funny train to Dueren, where I took a train to Aachen. Bathroom was my friend haha. Was on WA the whole journey.

~Reached Aachen Hbh at around 12+ PM and took a bus to Ponttor, where I had to walk to Ponttor 3 to Studentenwerk.Aachen. On my way there, I passed three students I recognized from GK, and we said hi πŸ™‚ OMG the Studentenwerk was filled with Germans! They were all so tall and hung in groups. It felt so awkward to be alone there ._. I asked at the info counter where I could find the place to register for a WG. SHe said floor 2. Went to floor 2 to be blantly told that I had to go online to register first… Said thanks and left.


~Now, on to my next registration place– Kolleg Heristal! It was dang difficult for me to locate the building haha. Because it had the word `Kolleg` in the beginning of the name, I was expecting it to be a large building. Instead, it was a small door squeezed in the middle of two large buildings. Very near studentenwerk Aachen though– less than a 5 minute walk. Rang the doorbell and was let in. The lady was named Frau Fuchs, and greeted me kindly. I handed her my papers and she flipped through it, commenting that she, too, studied Biologie. I asked her a few questions– like the price of the place and all. Warmmeter for a single room came up to 390 Euros. The bathroom was shared, but breakfast and either lunch or dinner was provided. Sounded super interesting. Then, she told me that I had to return at 19.30 to be interviewed by her friend as well. She also told me to keep in touch via email, and I said okay and wished her farewell.

~Headed to Aachen Hbh. The next place I was to see was a WG. My appointment was at 1.30PM. but I called the lady at 1.10PM itself, since I was already in front of the place. The lady that came and greeted me was cheerful and friendly (she was a promoter, after all) She took me inside and told me that I could either have wohnung 2 or 9. Room 2 was at the ground floor and I was to share it with a girl. The cost, including warmmeter, was 530 Euros per month. If I took wohnung 9, I would have to share it with a 17 year old boy who lost his mother, is very intelligent and very quiet. Rent for that place was 490 Euros. Hmmm. As she was showing me Wohnung 9, a Chinese guy came in and greeted her. He, too, was checking out the wohnung. He had a running nose, so I handed him a tissue I took from Oebel. She took us downstairs after he saw the place.

~I said goodbye to her and him after seeing the places and decided to walk to Elisenbrunnen for lunch– I was hungry anyway. I definitely wasn`t going to take this WG. Why? Well, the other two places I saw on the 24th was 500Euros and 450Euros for Warmmeter, AND they were to be my OWN place! No sharing. So much larger than this WG and much cheaper if I share with Alya.

~Anyway, I bought Herring and took it to Mayschere, where I bought a bun just so I would be allowed to sit in the Mayshere cafe to eat my herring while reading the magazines there. As I checked my WA, Lisa Kuay WA me to come check out her WG Buro at Kuckelkorn, Aachen. I went at around 15.00 only to find that the Buro was close and that I had to make a Termin with phone first… Took the train back to Elisenbrunnen, where I emailed Kolleg Heristal and told them that I could only make it on Saturday cause I had a bus to catch at 16.10 (The Schnellbus SB11 back to Juelich. I like the buses more– they`re faster and cheaper haha)

~Since I had around an hour to kill before bus SB11 arrived, I decided to try to go donate plasma. The lady asked me to take my weight, and I was around 39KG, and she REJECTED ME. She said I had to be at least 50KG. Like, what the heck? But I`m healthy for my weight and I`ve had blood taken out of me tons of times and I WANT TO HELP THE COMMUNITY. Okay, really, I just wanted the free food they gave after the donation hehe. But stillll. *sigh* I went back down, bought coffee from Nobis, and then decided to search for the bus. That`s when I realized that Aachen`s Bushof has like, five different bus terminals around that area. I had to ask to ladies before finding my bus 10 minutes before it leaves x) Bus SB11 was inside the tunnel– not beside nor opposite Sultans of Kebab, nor at the other turning.


~When I went to pay for my ticket, the man looked at and asked for my age. I said I was 19, and he said that if I said I was a Kinder, I`d only have to pay 2,80 euros instead of 5,30 euros… I must learn how to lie hehe. Took the bus back. On the way back, my phone battery died… Reached Riya`s place to find that no one was home. That wasn`t the problem. The problem was locating Riya`s college. My Google Maps was out, after all. I did manage to locate it the old fashioned way– by asking people. When I found it, the first person I saw was Bernice near the entrance *yay!!* Greeted her and asked her for Riya. Both of us went to look for her and found her.

~Bernice said that the grill party was only to start at 18.00 Uhr, so Riya and I decided to head to Real first to buy chocolates. We talked and walked, and then I bought a bar of 85% dark chocolates ❀ I love dark chocolates– you can feel the fat melting in your mouth hehe. In milk chocolates, you just taste the sugar :/ We stopped at the house to keep the chocolates there, only to find Bernice inside. She said that the party gave her a bad vibe. Curious, Riya and I decided to go check it out.

~And that`s all we did– check it out. Parties in my place meant sitting together and having yummy food. Parties in Germany have the same definition as clubbing in my home town. They drink and jump around(they call that dancing btw). Riya and I couldn`t even spot the food T_T So, we went back. We saw a dead creature on the road. Sad.

1.44 AM, 26.09.2014

~Okay, I`m continuing from where I left off yesterday night = Back in the house, I fried salmon as Bernice made spaghetti and Riya made maggi– all of us cooking in one kitchen and having fun! It was nice and warm inside the kitchen too~ After we cooked, we carried our food upstairs. We wanted to watch a movie, only to find that the internet`s down…. (which is why I`m typing all of this in Notepad atm) Ended up watching Peter Pan 2 from the collection of movies in my hard-drive while eating. At 11.00 PM, I was bored. Then, my friend named Miku(alias) came online in Iruna Online, and volunteered to train me πŸ™‚


~I agreed. She took me to this high level place and all my character did was sit there as she killed. I, in the mean time, used Notepad on my laptop to type all of these words hehe. Went to sleep half way cause I was too tired. Today, I woke up to still no internet connection on my laptop (thank God my phone has a data plan). Asked Frau Muth about my RWTH bank transfer. Had a bath. Had breakfast with Riya and spent some time in the living room in the house. Skyped with my mum. And am now typing again. I`m gonna go now– tomorrow is Kevian anne`s birthday. I wanna go to Krefeld today to celebrate it with them, but tomorrow at 10.00 AM I have a meeting… I`m not sure what`s gonna happen NSREA…. Will keep you updated ^w^

1.49 PM, 26.09.2014, Jan von Werth Strasse, Juelich, Germany.


~After typing all of that in Notepad, Riya and I watched The Hunchback of Notre dame and and Hunchback of Notre dame 2.(This is what happens when you have no net and all the Disney movies up till 2010 on your hard drive…) At almost six, when we decided to go walking to REAL, the dumb internet decides to come back. Why? Thanks to Bernie calling Vodafone and asking them for the net OwO Riya and I went to Real and I got cottage cheese and eggs. She bought yogurt and milk. We walked around the mall. Browsed through the movie section on what movie to watch next. Decided to walk back.

~Yea, from this, you can see that I didn`t go to Krefeld to the birthday celebration. I have to be at Ponttor strasse at 10 AM tomorrow anyway for the interview with Kolleg Heristal. Wish me luck. I`ll have to wake up super early to catch the bus. Then, I`m planning to meet with Abang Syamim at Aachen Schanz and go to Krefeld for the celebration πŸ™‚ Well, good night. It`s almost midnight.

9/26/2014 – Friday. Riyas room, Jan von Werth Strasse, Juelich, Germany.Β 


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    Schreibst du ” ~ ” auch am anfang jede textproduktion ? Ich meine im Unterricht oder PrΓΌfung ? πŸ˜›

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    Baby u look so cute ❀

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    I felt sad that u couldn’t steal even a single blanket . But could u steal any towel when u went to the trips with freshman ?

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