~So have you heard of the `smart drug`?

~In the afternoon on the day I was to leave for Germany, Prashanth anne came downstairs and asked me why I was on my laptop instead of spending time with my family. I told him they were all sleeping… Then, he asked me if I`ve heard of this `smart drug` called `Melatonin`. Now, to clear any confusion, he was actually referring to Modafinil a.k.a. Provigil. Melatonin is a sleep hormone, and a drug to help people with insomnia. He just confused the names (and confusing drug names can be VERY dangerous haha)

~Interested, I asked him to elaborate. He said that it was a drug used to treat epileptic patients (Those people who fall asleep anywhere, all of a sudden. Somewhat like Kousuke Ueki) So, I did what any smart person would do, and googled it. First, we googled Melatonin of course– thinking that that was the `smart drug`. But then we found out that what we actually wanted to google was called Modafinil.

~Okay, so apparently Modafinil is something like caffeine in coffee– it`s a stimulant. What it does is, it promotes wakefulness without increasing heart rate or causing the person to feel agitated. And it`s dirt cheap! Legal, too, in India (or so said anne) Here`s a post I was on students of Cambridge Uni using it. I tried searching the availability of the drug in Germany, but you need prescription to get it 😦

~So, what I did was google `natural substitutes for modafinil`, and guess what I found? I had one of the substitute plants growing right in my backyard! It`s called Gotu Kola (or as I know it, `Daun Pegaga`) Man, I had this plant growing in my house all the time and never knew its amazingness 😦 Here`s another interesting link on it.

~This drug just peaked my interest, so I thought I`d share it here 🙂 I`m too lazy to do any more research on it, but I`ll leave you guys with the youtube video above which I watched– it was pretty helpful to me in finding out more about the drug. I`ve also seen other drugs when searching for info on Modafinil which promote similar results. You might wanna check them out if you`re interested in boosting your wakefulness haha 🙂

~I`m having diarrhea at the moment (TMI, I know, I know, hehe), so catch you later, alligators! PS, I`m back in Germany :3 Anyone, I REPEAT, anyone has a WG or room(Zimmer) to rent out to me near RWTH University? I`d appreciate it greatly!

~23/09/2014 Tuesday, Juelich, Germany. 10.04PM~ 


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2 Responses to ~So have you heard of the `smart drug`?

  1. megav11 says:

    Danke for the preaching haha…
    I didn’t know that this daun thing has something behind it…xD
    Get well soon…xD


  2. Lugo Mez says:

    =) google Narcolepsy =)…….there are also some suicides related to that drug modafinii. Did you know that Modafinil loosely translated to spanish is ‘last style’? just noticed that. Eat rice.


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