~”He not busy being born is busy dying.” -Bob Dylan



~Well, I`ve wrote this post on the 18th of September, but didn`t post it cause I didn`t add in the photos yet >-< Now, I`m gonna use the photos as a daily post challenge under the title `adventure`!! Also, since I ve added in the photos, so here`s the post 😀

~HAPPIE 11TH BIRTHDAY SURIAVIKRAM(SV)!! *hugs and kisses!!* and Happie 19th B’day to myself!! Well, it’s September again– the month of birthdays. Our parents sure were busy during New Years, weren’t they? *wiggles eyebrows* SV birthday is on the 18th of September– he copied my date hehe :3 I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been addicted to this online MMORPG game called ‘Iruna Online’


~The b`day boy and I(in pink) 😀

~On the morning of my birthday, I was woken up with my mum calling me an idiot for waking up at 10 plus in the morning, claiming that I should have woken up when Amuma woke me up. Heck, she didn`t even try to wake me up! After my bath, amuma came up and I asked her about it, and she said she tried waking me up by screaming for me to wake up from all the way downstairs…. Our house is three stories high– how far does she think her voice goes? She`s already lost half her voice >-< My mum`s getting there too– with all the shouting they do.

~Anyway, I was dragged to Market Street(a.k.a. Little India a.k.a. Indian Area). Mum went to the bank. Grandma and I waited. Then, we went to see Aunty Shamala (she`s the lady who does my mums facial and hair). Mum asked her to thread my eyebrows. Man, it`s like someone burning your skin again and again. Done to give ones eyebrows a nice shape– the things we do for beauty…. After that, she gave me a facial. One of the few times in my life I had a facial. Fun though. And I enjoy talking to Aunty Shamala. Next was the cake. We went to this cake shop called Jasmine. I chose a Chocolate Mousse cake for myself because SV didn`t want to share a cake and SV got Belgium Chocolate.

~We had lunch, then went home. I had my bath and got ready to go out for dinner as a birthday gift 🙂 Skyped with Chinema and Uncle Roger at 6 PM while waiting for everyone to get their shit straight. Whatsapped Bharrat, Sham and Aunty Dana to join us for dinner– we were going to Crepe Cottage to eat. It`s a small restaurant near Gurney Drive.


~At around seven, we left the house. `We` consisted of SV, Nar, Prashanth anne, Amuma, amma and I squashed into one car. Reached Crepe Cottage and we began ordering– I ordered the Drunken Salmon Steak hehe. Although this place was famous for its desserts, its food was pretty tasty too! Only Bharrat replied, saying he could make it, and to order for him Baked Cheese Chicken or something like that. Food usually takes time to arrive, so Rash, anne and I went walking around the beach. One thing I can say is, wow– the Bangladesh population in Penang sure has increased. CIMB => China, India, Malay, Bangladesh >________. Food came, Bharrat arrived, we ate and had fun. Later, our extra edition to the group caused Nar to have to sit in the booth of the car– teehee.


~When we went back home and opened my cake box to cut it, we found that my cake decided to do some weird shyt like sinking and deforming itself for me ._. Apparently it was a Mousse cake, and Mousses like cold places– one of them being the inside of a fridge. But heck, I wanted to eat the cake NOW! So we ate half of it and stuffed the other retarded half into the fridge for tomorrow. Kekekeke. SV was insistent on cutting his cake tomorrow. Guess why?

~Too many guests. He didn`t want everyone eating and finishing up his cake xD That selfish fellow. I called Anil`s dad to wish him Happy B`day and skyped with Viloshini akka after that. Right now, I`m just posting something while Bharrat and Nar play DOTA in the other room. *sigh* Well, lemmi tell you what happened on Tuesday!!


~Sorry but Roxyie looked too retarded in the other photo, so this photo exists >-<


~On tuesday(16/09/2014) I got to meet up with my awesome cousin Lavina akka!! 😀 (and the third loyal reader I have :’) They make me so happy I just wanna write more!) As usual, we are awesome in our timing, being Msians and all. On Monday, akka told me they will be coming down on Tuesday from KL to Penang. Excited, I told my mum this. She was all frustrated and said she didn’t know if I can meet up with my awesome-sauce cousin cause she and Amuma supposed to meet Aunty Devi on Tuesday. I asked amma what time aunty is coming, and she said aunty’ll tell on Tuesday morning…. It’s like time isn’t even of the essence anymore– it’s of the excess x) It’s like we have so much time. Planning is for the poor. I just love us Msians– we’re so spontaneous!

~I was, of course, disappointed at this info. Tues morning amma tells me aunty still has not called. Her car broke down >-< Akka then calls and asks us to meet up for lunch, which I’m gained for 😀 Problem was that my mum was too lazy to get off of her bum and take me. I told akka this and asked her to meet me for a movie at Queensbay instead. But being a non Penang local makes one unsure of its geography. Heck, being a non local to anywhere makes one unsure. I’m local and I’m still unsure…

~Right after I hung up with akka, Aunty Devi calls and asks to meet us for tea at the vegetarian Anandha Bahwans(is this even how you spell that place?) at Market Street(a.k.a. Indian Area a.k.a. Little India) Mum was so reluctant to go, but finally she decided to meet them. Agreed on 4.30PM as the time, and Lavina akka and Trinetra anne was gonna be there– yay!! Kill two birds with one stone and all that shyt going on here for my mum. Hehe. That excited her.

~We left the house and got stuck in a traffic jam. Guess why? Cause the 16th of Sept-holy-ember is Anil’s and Veronika’ Birthdays Malaysia Day. Hooray. More public holidays. Public servants, rejoice! Everyone else, enjoy the traffic! In the car, I had to hear mum`s nagging about how she didn`t want to go, and that the jam was my fault thanks for the holiday so I decided to give ‘Mat Rocker’ a.k.a. Anil a call to wish him congratulations on being one year closer to meeting his maker which Veronika looks forward to and ask him what he had planned for his big day. Apparently he was going to Temple in the evening, and in the morning his mum bought him a crap Crepe cake that he claimed to be delicious. I also found out that Aunty Dana’s B’Day was on the 15th and Anil’s dad’s B’day is on the 18th(hey, look! Another person sharing my B’Day date!)

~We arrived at around five at the eating place. Greeted everyone and hugged everyone and met two relatives whom I didn’t even knew existed till that day. Exchanged words. Had yummy food. Palak Paneer is simply heavenly when done right. And then Ashok uncle (Lavina akka’s dad) invited me to go back with them to their hotel room for the evening. I’m pretty flexible. Anything goes with me, so I went– best decision of the day.

~Uncle Ashok, Aunty Chandra, Lavina akka and I went to Batu Feringgi! They booked a hotel there, and the view was simply to die for! Man, I wish I took pictures of that view now 😥 The midnight atmosphere, sea, hills, cars, buildings…. Simply lovely. I think the hotel was called Holiday Inn. And after everyone settled down, Ramesh mama came to the hotel room! 😀 Room number was 1732. Then everyone got ready and we went down. Downstairs, we met Uncles friend also his barber and his wife and daughter. All of us walked along the beach together and went to Cafe Long Beach to have dinner. One thing that made me really happy to be a Penangite was our clean streets. Uncle and Aunty were amazed at our streets! They said they`ve never seen KL this clean! I`m so happy our current party (under Lim Guan Eng) is just so awesome.


~Dinner time 😀

~After dinner, akka, Ramesh mama and I walked back to the hotel room while the rest spent some time in the hotel Lounge. Ramesh mama had to go home soon though. I had my bath after he left, then akka and I watched some show on local TV called ‘Shout Awards’. Man, go google this band called Paperplane Pursuits. Malaysian band, and. Pretty good! Then we watched this movie called ‘Chef’ halfway before we went to sleep at almost 3~~

~The next morning, while everyone was taking turns at the bathroom, I watched Chef till the end 😀 Glad I did! It was an interesting and different movie, like Toast. I like different movies. I’m just so fed up with the usual ‘shoot-shoot bang-bang action movies for men fighting midlife crisis or romance cheesy movies made for hormone raging teens. I want something different. A movie that’s able to touch my soul, you know? Or to make my mouth water haha.

~A playground akka and I saw during our walk

~A playground akka and I saw during our walk

~After my morning shower, akka and I went walking– and my! What a wonderful walk it was! I finally felt the sand grains and the water lapping at my feet again. I finally had that experience again where it was just too hot and bright to fully open your eyes. Squinting everywhere, one expected that they would be going home two tones darker x) And believe it or not, my house is a five minute walk away from the Bayan Lepas beach in which I see everyday when leaving the gated community, but for the now two months I’ve been back in Penang, I still haven’t bothered to go walk by it…. Oh! the Irony! Maybe we find it more adventurous to do things when it’s far away from us? I just don’t understand logic sometimes….

~We even saw a couple going para-sailing by the beach 😀 Then, akka and I walked by the mainroad. When we got back to the hotel, Uncle and Aunty were ready to leave– and leave we did– to the jetty! Apparently the jetty is a tourist attraction spot haha. It was lovely wallking around the place and taking photos like tourists hehe. Aunty had Durian ice-cream, Lavina akka had Yam ice-cream and I had Dragonfruit youghurt! 😀



~Lavina akka and I ^w^

~The eating place we went to was bad though– Laksa was sweet(?!) and Char Quay Tiaw`s prawns were old… Worst was the toilet. When we wanted to use the toilet, the first thing the owner asked for was 20 cents. We told them that we were customers there and even had to prove it. When shown the toilet, did you know what we saw? A room. Literally a small room with four walls and no toilet bowl– that`s all. I swear to gosh they wanted you to squat on the floor and pee on it, then use water to push your pee into the drain hole. It`s okay if this shop was only visited by locals, but this was a tourist area, for heavens sake! Heck, I held in my pee. My pee`s worth one euro in Germany anyway. One euro for your pee and all. I ain`t giving it for free to Floor.


~If you happen to pass by this Cendol stall, just know that you have to pay an extra 0.50 cents to eat your cendol inside the shop and that the shop is the one I was talking about....

~If you happen to pass by this Cendol stall, just know that you have to pay an extra 0.50 cents to eat your cendol inside the shop and that the shop is the one I was talking about….

~After lunch, we went to visit many of uncles relatives– most of them only having met my Amuma, and not me or my mum. We even saw a 83 year old uncle pushing a wheel burrow with a gas tank in it ._. The strength, man! The sheer strength! After that, we visited another one of Uncles old friends. Most of them were sick now– age and all. Scares me at times. Then, while we were in Uncles relatives house, Uncle decided to make salmon!! Uncle helps out in his friends restaurant and knows how to cook really well 😀


~Lavina akka lookin adorable!! ^w^ She`s sitting on those ancient awesome swings that I rarely see nowadays

~So Lavina akka, Uncle and I hopped into the car and went to the Giant supermarket near by. Uncle bought tomatoes, beans carrots, coriander leaves, potato fillets and salmon steaks. He picked the ingredients and akka and I waited in the weighing line(which was super long) Went back home and began cooking! Lavina akka did most of the chopping of the veges and Uncle cleaned the scales and marinated the salmon and boiled the veges– and man, do the both of them work fast!


~First, Uncle marinated the salmon steaks in pepper, salt and chili powder. In a bowl, he boiled the carrots and beans for awhile. Then, in a different pan, he used canola oil (although he said using Olive Oil is better) to fry the marinated salmon. After frying the salmon and boiling the veges, he put in a separate bowl the chopped tomatoes. After that, he fried the potato fillets and added them into a new bowl. Ta-da! Dinner was served! And the salmon tasted wonderful! Best I`ve tasted so far– and this is coming from a pescatarian haha. It was even better than the Drunken Salmon Stake at Crepes Cottage, and that dish is yummy! After socializing with Uncles friend and his wife, we left.

~We stopped by for another five minutes at another relatives place before going and picking up Ramesh mama from Jelutong. From there, Uncle drove us to Butterworth, where we met up with Trinetra anne, Uncle, and Aunty Devi 😀 They`re staying in a different place now! I was surprised, since I haven`t visited them in ages! oh amma why wont you take me to see my relatives the way naina does with his side of the family? Uncle(Trinetra anne`s dad) took us all out for a good seafood dinner at 10 PM at a chinese restaurant– second dinner for me hehe 😀


~I picked at the dishes– there was crab, steamed fish, Lala, squid, eggs, sizzling tofu, kang-kung, etc. and the environment was nice. We talked and I asked Trinetra anne about tarrot card reading and name numerology. I found out that even if in your Identity Card, your name is bad luck, you can sign your name using a modification of your name that brings you good luck 😀

~Oya, during the dinner at Long Beach, I asked the 12 year old girl what her hobbies were. She smiled and said many– badminton, swimming, drawing, reading. She had a passion for life. A love for it still. She had what children had– finding excitement and joy in almost anything. Sometimes, you can find out people who lose passion just by asking them what they`re hobbies are. Try it. Ask a really depressed person what they`re hobbies are. I dunno what they`ll say exactly, but I`m guessing that they`re reply would be `nothing`. Why do I say that? Well, I`m sure there are tons of depression types and all, but when you have free time and just want to do nothing, you`ve lost some sort of colour, taste or love for life, haven`t you?

~People who swim or even go window shopping take pleasures in doing so. But when you do nothing, you`re given the time to think– one of the causes of most peoples sadness. Thinking, in all truth, often brings sadness. I`ve noticed this in me. When I`m given the time to think, even if I have nothing to cry about, I`ll find something to cry about. Or to worry about. Or someone to sigh for. But when I`m busy learning or writing, I`m too occupied to think of such things. That`s why I feel more depressed now– being on holiday– then when I was being occupied all the time. I did miss my free time, but work gave me distraction. I rarely cried in Germany cause I was too busy to do so. Now, the world lends you its burden as you sit down and ponder, and it makes me frightened to think about it– the truth. The truth of life and of the only thing being certain is a certain end, an oblivion, that will consume us all. Hm.

~Lavina akka and I talked while waiting for Uncle Ashok to check into the hotel on Tuesday, and I remember from that conversation that she told me something like this: You feel great about yourself, and that`s good. But when you start talking to the wrong people, they start putting self doubt into you. They start questioning if you`re making the right decisions in life, about your job, your size, what you eat, your health. And it`s true, what I interpreted akka saying.

~It really bugs me when people comment on the way I eat. I`m a pescatarian, after all. And when I tell it to people, the first thing they never fail to ask is: why? Heck, why not!

~”Why do you eat meat? Do you like contributing to the number of deaths of animals? What about animal cruelty? Why not be vegetarian? And if you are vegetarian, have you heard of pesticides? Did you know meat has proteins essential to your growth? Why deprive your body of it? So, why are you a vegetarian?” See?? Annoying, isn`t it? Why can`t we just eat what we prefer eating and be happy about it without the whole world being on our case… I really enjoy people who ask me what I eat, I tell them, and that`s it– end of conversation. They`re happy, and I`m happy.


~Anyway, after the awesome dinner, we went to see Trinetra anne`s dads mother. She`s bed ridden now, but her memory is sharp. We took turns holding her hand for awhile and listening to her talk– she smiled a lot, and that made me smile 🙂 After that, we said good bye to Trinetra anne and his family before leaving to drop me homeee~~

~On the way home, the clock striked one, and Lavina akka wished me Happy Birthday and hugged me! 😀 Everyone sang  a birthday song for me in the car too! ^w^ It was fun hehe. Reached home and SV, Nar and Amuma came to greet us. Everyone came into the house to chit chat a little more hehe. All hyped, I went up to the third floor to wake amma up, only to get scolding from her on my Birthday for disrupting her beauty sleep not like I was expecting anything different and ignored her, going back to down to where happiness resided 😀

~I was showing them the second story of our house when amma decided to come down, putting on a mask and acting all happy like for the guests. We went down and I had a little bit of red whine and whiskey hehe. Lavina akka, her parents and Ramesh mama left at around one plus in the morning after a round of exchanging farewells– I was seriously so happy to see them! They made my birthday totally worth it, even if only for an hour into it hehe.


~Nika made this & sent it to me via Whatsapp f0r my Bday ❤

~After they left, everyone went to sleep– except me. My whatsapp was filled with lovely wishes from lovely people! Thankies guys! You all know who you guys are haha. I played with my phone till around 4 in the morning, before hitting the hay.Told you already what happens in the morning, nsrea, teehee. Anyway, it`s also now already 2.13 AM. Nanites and ttfn!! ❤

~19/09/2014 – Friday. My room, Penang, Malaysia.~ 


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3 Responses to ~”He not busy being born is busy dying.” -Bob Dylan

  1. megav11 says:

    Happy 19th Birthday again haha
    Lim Guan Eng is only in charge of Penang haha not including KL…x)
    That area you went and paid to use the toilet is known as something jetty( chew, tan and many more so something sounds great haha)
    Consists of different clans that’s why…xD
    It’s a heritage site because of that.
    They even have a great story there when a guy from that place found a crab with numbers on it…
    He went and betted on it and won some huge amount of money…
    And he ate the crab after that instead of releasing it…xD
    The next day, Penang had heavy rainstorm…
    It even caused a beam from the UMNO building to collapse and head straight down…
    Few people died and guess who’s in the list as well, the dude himself…
    His car was crushed and no remains of him was found…
    It’s believed he died that way because he ate the crab.
    What goes around comes around…xD
    Should upgrade their toilets though haha…
    That’s like from the stone age to pee on the floor haha in a restaurant especially…
    Your amma is so like my amma haha…
    She would scold if anybody disturbs her sleep haha…
    I would distance myself from being on the receiving end most of the time though…xD


    • Senra says:

      ~thanks dude ^^ ya thats y I like him running Penang haha my cousins frm KL were amazed at our clean streets– n its clean cause he takes action ^w^
      ~Oh gosh I just love our tall tales haha. The story somewhat reminds me of Pulau Langkawi….
      ~Mothers and they’re beauty sleep *rolls eyes*


  2. Anonymous says:

    such a lovely write up!!!!! next stop NYC WITH MONISHA AKKA !!!!! WHERE THE FUN BEGINS!!


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