~5min Chocolate Bites (no baking, no flour, no sugar) – 4 Ingredients.


~SV takes pride in modelling for the food I make x) Here`s the original recipe link. It`s made for a paleo diet though. I modified it to suit my siblings taste buds 🙂 That website has awesome recipes though! Plus, they`re healthy! I`m still young to be eating unhealthy hehe.

Chocolate Bites :



  1. 1/2 cup butter
  2. 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  3. 1/3 cup chocolate chips
  4. 4 tablespoons honey
  5. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence (optional) 



  1. Melt the butter in a pan. Add in cocoa powder, chocolate chips, honey and vanilla essence into the pan. Keep stiring until well mixed.
  2. Pour the mixture into a mould (butter the mould first) Chill for two hours.
  3. Serve and enjoy! 😀

~I took around 10 minutes to make this– super quick! Makes around 9. Left the tray in the fridge and went swimming. Came back, and it was ready to eat! Tasty, too. SV said it tastes wonderful and went for seconds. Nar said it tasted slightly salty, and Prashanth anne said it tasted slightly sour? Anyway, for me, since it was easy to make and tastes good, I`ll rate it 9/10. Hey, it`s chocolate. Ich liebe Schokolade 😛 Don`t even ask me why I was looking under paleo recipes though ._. 

~PS You can add almost anything inside (joking). You could experiment by adding in peanut butter, cinnamon, rasins, nuts, etc while stirring the ingredients in the pan. Or you could drop an almond into each chocolate bite before cooling it inside the fridge 🙂 


~Now, an update on my life. Yesterday night, my parents, Nar and Prashanth anne went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy in the cinemas in Queensbay, leaving SV and me at home. I updated my blog during that time yesterday and played Iruna Online. Then, at 10.00 pm, my dad calls home and asks me if I wanna go to a bar to drink. Heck yeah! I changed. They came home to drop Nar at home and pick me up.

~We drove to Beach Street, where we met with Roshan anne 😀 Idk the name of the bar we went into, but it was pretty empty when we entered. At first, they were reluctant to let me in cause the legal age in Msia is 21, but I`m only 19. But, seeing they had almost no one inside, they allowed me in x) They even allowed Prashanth anne in, although he was wearing sandals haha. Apparently Bars have dress codes O.O (I did NOT know that)


~I ordered red wine, mum ordered a margarita, dad and Roshan anne ordered Wiskey and Prashanth anne had beer. Then, a band went up to the stage to play, and more people came in. Soon, the bar was pretty crowded. Only my mum seemed to be grooving though in our tiny group x) There was a group of tourists enjoying themselves near the stage, keeping us entertained. After finishing my red wine on an empty stomach (had dinner at 8 PM), the world was turning with every movement of my head. Had to lock hands with mum when we decided to leave and go to a restaurant to eat. Had kaseri (an Indian sweet dish)


~Came home and slept like a baby. Today morning my dad, bros and I bathed our Keris-es. It’s like a ritual. We do it every month. Don’t ask me why. We’re not a religious bunch, but my dad takes this ritual seriously. In the afternoon, my parents, Rash, anne and I drove to the Botanical gardens. Met up with Roshan anne there. The six of us went hiking up Penang hill. Well, my mum, Nar, anne and I only made it up to 1.2m before deciding to take a selfie and turn back x) Roshan anne and dad made it up to 1.3m…. The top is 5.2m. Funny thing is, practically everyone walking that track was probably older than my parents. Damn, old people are active. And strong. And, as Nar put it, have tons of time to work out. 



~We had lunch at Tesco`s food-court at almost 4.00 PM, after picking SV up from Teacher Patma`s maths tuition. When we came home, everyone went to nap except me. That`s when I made the chocolate bites. At 6 PM, my dad, Nar and I went to Sports Club. We swam(or as Anil calls it, `floated`) in the swimming pool there from 7 till 7.45 PM. During our floating, I noticed that the bottom of my right leg foot had a bad cut :/ Had my bath at Sports Club.

~Then, we drove to Aunty Dana`s house. Apparently she didn`t know that Auva plans to move to Taiping on the 14th of September!! So, she and Shamita (Sham) jumped into the car, and the five of us went to pay her a visit. She stuffed us with fruit cakes and fruits and complaints. Said farewell, dropped Sham and Aunty Dana back at their house, and drove home.


~At home, my foot was dripping pink blood on the floor :/ My dog noticed it first. Cleaned my wound with yellow solution and bandaged it. Right now, my parents are watching Thuppakki (an Indian movie which I watched in Asaikili akka`s Wohnung back in Germany). I`m typing on a keyboard while listening to Eisblume – Eisblumen. Okie, gonna read BFF comics– been quite a while since I read it. TTFN ❤ 

~06/09/2014 – Saturday. 11.38 PM. My room, Bayan Lepas, Penang.


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