~Creamy Banana Ice-cream – 1 Ingredient. (R.I.P. Joan Rivers)

~Gosh I love her hair

~So today my eleven year old bro SV came, all sad faced, to tell me that Joan Rivers passed away (1933 – 2014) He`s a huge fan of Fashion Police. Anyone planning to stuff their faces with ice-cream cause of this news would probably be disapproved of Joan Rivers. Take care of your body, man. So, here`s a healthy recipe to make an ice-cream that`s so healthy, you don`t even need to add sugar into it to make it sweet! Saw the recipe hereΒ :Β 

Creamy Banana Ice-cream:


  1. Ripe bananas. (I used three medium sized ones- depens on how much Ice-cream you plan to make)



  1. Cut the bananas into thin circles into a container. Close and freeze it for a minimum of two hours.
  2. Take the banana slices out of the fridge and blend it. (Using a food processor is better, but I don`t have one.) Keep blending until the bananas have a smooth, creamy texture to it.
  3. Serve or re-refrigerate to solidify it even more, and eat it whenever you feel like having banana ice-cream!! πŸ˜€

~The author of this recipe says that once we blend the bananas until the texture is smooth, we can add peanut butter or chocolate chips, etc. Experiment! πŸ˜€ I rate this recipe 9/10 cause I`m just so fascinated by it! I mean, it`s a one ingredient ice-cream! And it tastes awesome! PS, you can even make it a smoothie if you don`t freeze the bananas for too long and just blend it. Add a little milk to make it watery πŸ˜€

~I came back from KL on Wednesday evening. Watched Justin and the Knights of Valour and Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 during the trip back using Aeroline bus. Both movies were enjoyable πŸ™‚ Prashanth anne and Nar picked us up from the Queensbay stop. Went for dinner in a restaurant with the family. Saw a dude making peanut candy. Came home. Slept with amuma.



~Thursday(4/09/2014) was an okay day. Went to Market Street(Little India) in the morning with grandma and mum. Collected my sari– it`s bluish teal in colour, and I quite like it πŸ˜€ My first sari ever!! Came home. Went to Queensbay mall at 4.30 PM. Met Sumita at Coffee Bean. She`s going to go study Law at Brickfields college! Went to say farewell to her πŸ™‚ We talked and had Yogurt at Jo Co Doughnuts. Then, we had walnut chocolate cake and red velvet cake at Secret Recipe πŸ˜€ At 5.30 PM, she had to leave. She had to go back and pack her luggage– she`s leaving for KL on Saturday.

~The outside parking lot at QBM is plain dumb. One has to get out of the car and walk to the toll booth, which is a pretty far distance from the exit. I went. Man, the toll booth dude had such pretty eyes x) Paid the toll and we left. She drove me to the entrance of the guarded community entrance of my house. Hugged her, wished her luck πŸ™‚ The moment I got back, my dad, Nar, and anne were getting ready to go hiking. I joined them. Also, when I told my dad I had cake at Secret Recipe, he told me not to eat there anymore. BOYCOTT SECRET RECIPE!! Why? He says Aunty Dana says that they use beef in making their cakes…. Idk how, but yeah.Β 


~At night, I wrote a post to post on this blog, but I haven`t completed it yet. Will continue it later, I guess. Searched for a few Wohngemeinshaft `s using a website called http://www.wg-gesucht.de Slept at 3.00+ AM yat night.Β Got three replies today morning *happy* Read `Mad in Orbit` in the morning and played with Roxyie. Chatted with Anil. Tried making a weird yogurt dessert. I`m just really bored now. Gonna go walking soon. Toodles poodles!! πŸ˜€

05/09/2014 Friday. Bayan Lepas, 11900, my room, Penang.


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